Ender’s Game (2013)

logoDirector: Gavin Hood

Writer: Gavin Hood (Screenplay) Orson Scott Card (Novel)

Starring: Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis


Plot: The Earth was ravaged by the Formics, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Fifty years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender (Butterfield) a quiet but brilliant boy may become the saviour of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister Valentine (Breslin) and his terrifying brother and bought to battle school in orbit around Earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise what he does as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.


Verdict: Smart Stylish Action Thriller

Story: The alien invasion angle has been repeated plenty of times but this time the invasion happened we won and we know look at how to create the best defence against a future invasion. Looking for the best and brightest in a younger generation to make the most of an army the enemy would least expect works well as it tackle growing troubles faced by teenagers too. We see isolation, bullying and learning to stand up against those who treat you different. In the end we get a younger strategically version of Starship Troopers. (9/10)


Actor Review: Asa Butterfield – Ender the third child of a family with one being too aggressive while the over is too compassionate. Ender’s rise through the ranks is incredible and his mind brilliant. Asa is great in this role and it would be fair to say a star is ready to breakout. (9/10)


Actor Review: Harrison Ford – Colonel Graff the man who recruits Ender, he wants to best and his methods are questionable but he gets results. Good performance by Harrison letting the younger actors be the stars without losing he presences. (8/10)


Actor Review: Hailee Steinfeld – Petra one of the other cadets who helps Ender learn more and becomes an important part of Ender’s final squad. A good performance from Hailee here proving True Grit wasn’t just a one hit show. (8/10)


Actor Review: Abigail Breslin – Valentine, Ender’s sister who provides the moral compass for him. Only a small role but Abigail does a good job in it. (7/10)


Actor Review: Viola Davis Gwen Anderson works alongside Graff but is more about making sure the children are mental ready for war and the after effects of battle. Good performance showing how important a human feeling is during the time of war. (8/10)


Actor Review: Ben Kingsley – Mazer the legendary pilot who won the war on Earth and now is used to motivate the cadets in training. Small performance but effective one. (8/10)


Director Review: Gavin Hood – Good direction that shows he knows how to keep the story flowing and keep the audience attention. (8/10)


Action: With most of the action being on simulators or achieve footage of a previous war what is used is good, but more would have been better. (7/10)

Adventure: The adventure young Ender goes on is great but again it is more about the training than the adventure. (6/10)

Sci-Fi: Great sci-fi created with an alien invasion and with future use weapons, technology and space travel. (10/10)

Special Effects: All special effects come off great. (9/10)

Believability: (0/10)

Chances of Tears: (0/10)

Settings: Each setting is created brilliantly and is important to each stage of Ender’s evolution. (9/10)


Suggestion: I pick to watch this; it is easy to watch but also has different moral questions being asked throughout. (Watch)


Best Part: Dragons vs Chameleons

Worst Part: The stereotypical bullies.

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: Potentially.


Overall: Great War-games Like Space Adventure

Rating 85

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