Empty (2011)

Director: C.S. Drury

Writer: Aaron Gorvine, C.S. Drury


Starring: Ashley C. Williams, Jon Carlo, Barry McBrien



Story The journey of a young couple Piper (Williams) and Dell (Carlo) who after a week camping in the wilderness come back to a change world. All seems normal at first a few concerned phones calls on voice mails but things soon start to look more serious. When they go to fill in the car with gas they find a message on the door. ‘No gas because of gas crisis’. After making a few phone calls to see what is happening they discover that America has no gas so they can’t get home. After arriving at a hotel ran by a creepy looking man (McBrien) he tells them of the events and how bad things are, muggings, looting and even cases of rape. Dell doesn’t believe and gets worked up over the high prices the man is charging but sees first hand what is going on when he goes for a stroll in town. their journey to eventually safety will see them meet all sorts of characters from hitchhiker, robbers, and other people in the same situation as themselves, Will they make it?

Verdict Lets start by its budget of an estimated $10,000 before you really judge everything about this movie. The acting isn’t the best and both main characters are rather annoying, Piper being to overreacted to the simplest thing and Dell refusing to budge on the things he stands for before giving up to Piper. The idea of the movie is really good and the atmosphere and musically effects work very well to keep you interested enough to what might happen next. The saving of this movie is the ending and it comes as a bit of a surprises to what you were going to be expecting and must watch for an indie film fan and drama fans.

Best moment The ending

Worst Moment The Acting

My rating 78%

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