Thor Love and Thunder cast’s Early Roles

Thor Love and Thunder cast’s Early Roles

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Thor Love and Thunder is hitting the cinemas in a couple of weeks. The fourth outing for Thor, excluding the Avengers appearances. Plenty has been kept under wraps with this movie. Thor is looking to escape the superhero world, after pacing over the leadership to Valkyrie. Jane Foster is back and with a new twist and we have Gorr the God Butcher is the villain.

Like the previous posts on early career movies. We are going to look through some of the lesser-known movies of the star’s careers.

Chris Hemsworth – A Perfect Getaway

Chris Hemsworth is another Home and Away alumnus who didn’t take long to jump into major franchises. First Star Trek before, Thor, it didn’t take long for him to reach super stardom. One of the very few early roles before his big break, is in fact one of my favourite movies. A Perfect Getaway follows two couples that will spend the Hawaii vacation together. Only one has plans for the other. Hemsworth is a couple they pass by, only a small cameo like performance.

Natalie Portman – Beautiful Girls

Natalie Portman made a major impact with her first role in Leon: The Professional. A supporting role in Michael Mann’s Heat followed that up. The first one that I personally haven’t heard of is ‘Beautiful Girls’. The film follows a group of friends meeting back together in their own hometown. Where they find love with the beautiful girls in the town. Portman is one of the daughters of the characters.

Christian Bale – Mio in the Land of Faraway

Christian Bale, like Natalie Portman, got a major role early on, Empire of the Sun. also in 1987, Bale starred in this fantasy adventure movie, as the character Jum-Jum. What looks like a fun fantasy adventure that would fit in perfectly in the era. It feels like one that would be worth checking out to complete the Bale back filmography.

Tessa Thompson – Mississippi Damned

Tessa Thompson made a major impact in Thor Ragnarok. Being one of the best additions to the franchise, with laughs and action. When a Stranger Calls remake was her first movie, a horror that many people get to insult. The one that looks most interesting from her early career roles, is Mississippi Damned. This powerful drama looks at three black families that go through a cycle of abuse, addition and violence. One film that will show the stronger performance from the then young Thompson.

Jaimie Alexander – Squirrel Trap

Jaimie Alexander was one of the biggest misses in Thor Ragnarok. She is returning back to the films this time around. Jaimie did star in the first two movies in a fun supporting position, but it was her role in TV’s Blindspot that gave her more attention. It was back in 2004 when she got her first film role. In a low budget romantic comedy Squirrel Trap, one that I couldn’t even find a trailer too. The few snippets I could locate, show her to be seductive like character.

Russell Crowe – Prisoners of the Sun

Russell went on to be an Oscar winner actor and will be joining Thor as Zeus. Back in 1990 he got a supporting role in this movie. Showing the horrendous condition soldiers were put through during war. It is funny that the later productions of the poster, have put Russell front and centre in the movie. When the original trailer doesn’t even mention his character.

Which Thor Love and Thunder actors would you like to see the early films from?

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