Don’t Blame Karma (2022) Movie Review


Don’t Blame Karma – Movie Review

Director: Elisa Miller

Writer: Fernanda Eguiarte, Marcelo Tobar (Screenplay)

Writer: Laura Norton (Story)


  • Renata Notni
  • Aislinn Derbez
  • Carmen Madrid
  • Giuseppe Gamba
  • Gil Cherry

Plot: When her younger sister and high-school crush get engaged, Sara must find out whether her alleged bad luck is the real culprit behind her misfortunes.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Don’t Blame Karma starts as Sara (Derbez) looks back on her life, when she stole a wish from her sister Lucy (Notni). Ever since that moment, Lucy has had all the luck in life. Lucy has gone on to become a massive celebrity model and returned to Sara’s life with a new fiancée Aaron. Who happens to have been Sara’s best friend and crush at school.

As Sara starts hanging out with Aaron she starts looking back on what might have been. Only her own boyfriend, Roberto surprises her with a visit and the added pressure Lucy puts on her for preparing a fashion festival.

Verdict on Don’t Blame Karma


Sara once stole her younger sister’s wish and has found herself living in the shadow of her sister ever since. She has a quiet life working in fabric designs. Sara sees her life turned upside down when her sister surprises her with a visit and her new fiancée, who happens to be her first love from high school. She gets given added pressure by her celebrity sister, something she isn’t prepared for as her memories of her previous love still haunt her.

Lucy is Sara’s younger sister, who has gone on to become a model known around the world. she promised to steal all of Sara’s wishes after she stole her and ever since, she has been the most popular and successful. Her success has created isolation she found in fame, even feeling distant from her own fiancée.

Aaron was Sara’s best friend in high school, a musical genius that went on to a successful music career. He returns engaged to Lucy, despite still having a strong connection with Sara. Aaron encourages Sara to find success too, knowing the talent she has.

Roberto is Sara’s boyfriend that lives away and surprises her with a visit, adding more pressure to her life suddenly. He gets caught up in the middle of the close friendship Sarah and Aaron have.


Aislinn Derbez is great in the leading role, bringing a character who is unsure of how talents to life. One filled with insecurities and left feeling like she lives in the shadow of her sister.

Renata Notni is great as a celebrity figure filled with confidence, she can walk into a room and turn heads.

The supporting cast is great too, all getting laughs along the way.


The story follows a woman who believes she has been living with bad karma her whole life. Her life is turned upside when her celebrity model sister gets engaged to her high school crush and best friend. This throws memories at Sara, once she wished she didn’t have and the pressure of helping her sister for her wedding.

The story is a series of events that show that one small mindset can control life, leaving someone believing they have caused all their bad luck. It also sees someone put in an impossible situation of being left in the middle of a love triangle with her sister and first crush.

This will bring everything to life with a strong comedic effect that sees the people thrown into difficult situations.


Don’t Blame Karma is a romantic comedy that uses the concept of bad karma controlling a woman’s life. She believes bad luck is following her own mind that has trapped her. The romance comes from seeing the two understand love despite not being able to be together because of the situation.

Where to Watch: Don’t Blame Karma is available on Netflix now.

Final ThoughtsDon’t Blame Karma is a fun romantic comedy.

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