Do We Care About the Oscars – Boyhood


Do We Care About the Oscars?

The idea behind this is to look back at every single film that was nominated for,

·         Best Picture

·         Best Actor

·         Best Actress

·         Best Supporting Actor

·         Best Supporting Actress

·         Best Director

 By looking back at these I will be asking the questions below to find out whether this is a film to be watched or not. This is not a full review and if I have seen the film in question I will give my rating of said film. I will also not be comparing or suggesting any other films that could or should have won this is just looking at a film and seeing if it still stands in the memory.

Film – Boyhood

Oscar Wins: One Win, Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette.

Oscar Nominations: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.

Have I Seen It?

Yes – My Rating 92%

Will I Watch It Again? Not unless it is for a project.

Should Everyone Have Seen It? I think anyone who studies film should see this but the casual film fans have no need to see it.

Most Memorable Part? The gimmick.

Thoughts On the Film: This film is something amazing when it comes to film making and the work put into this actually happen has to be appalled but it really is just a glorified gimmick movie that could easily just be a set of home movies where it should be set to follow a real boy growing up for a real reaction.

Do We Care It Got Oscar Attention? No, it is as simple as this, the reason this got attention is for the 12 years’ gimmick which once you seen the film makes this a difficult re-watch and lasting nearly 3 hours its hard work to get through.

Final Thoughts: Just make you own version of this when you start a family and go back and watch the videos of your own kid growing up it will make you happier because you will be part of the story. This worked really well for Ethan Hawke.


  1. I loved your final thought! So true. The movie was too long and too slow.

  2. Rachel's Reviews – Draper, UT – I am a rottentomatoes approved film critic and podcaster. I love animation, romcoms and holiday films and I am the proud creator of the popular Hallmarkies Podcast as well as Rachel's Reviews. I love interviewing creative minds and grow each time I interact with a new human. I love what I do
    smilingldsgirl says:

    I so disagree. This wasnt just a gimmick but a movie about the small moments that make up a life. I thought it was astonishing

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