Dirt Music (2019) Movie Review

Dirt Music – Nice Romance

Director: Gregor Jordan

Writer: Jack Thorne (Screenplay) Tim Winton (Novel)

Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Garrett Hedlund, David Wenham, Aaron Pedersen, Dan Wyllie, Chris Haywood

Plot: The stunning landscape of Western Australia is the backdrop for an impassioned tale of love and grief in Gregor Jordan’s adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Tim Winton.

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dirt Music starts as we meet lonely former nurse and housewife Georgie (Macdonald) who is known for going off from her fisherman husband Jim (Wenham), this time she meets Lu Fox (Hedlund) a poacher who fishes the same waters as Jim.

As Georgie starts to get closer to Lu, she starts to think of another life, while Lu is filled with his own haunting memories of a family he once had.

Thoughts on Dirt Music

Characters & Performances – Georgie is a housewife that sees her life feeling empty and routine, needing to find something new, she gets caught up in the attention of a poacher who she sees something fresh in, wanting to spend time with him, putting her own marriage on the line for a guy she barely knows. Kelly Macdonald does give us a grounded performance, which will show us just how difficult certain stages of life can be. Lu Fox is the man Georgie meets, he is poacher off the shore of her home and the two strike up a connection, he does have a dark past, one which will see him filled with regret, pain and loneliness. He does need to find himself before he can move on with his life, something Georige offers him, if he lets her in. Garrett Hedlund is great in his role here, he shows how his character wants to move into the isolation from the world and just how important it is for his character. Jim is the husband of Georgie who is a fisherman that has seen her have her own times away from him before, he is calm about it, knowing she will come back no matter what, he ends up helping her in the search for him.

StoryThe story here follows a housewife that is finding her life feeling empty which will see her turn to a stranger who is lost in his own life, giving the pair a chance for something new in life, whatever the risk might be. This is a story that will show just how difficult life will become for people and sometimes you can meet people someone that will change everything. We do get everything you would expect to push the people to each of these limits, personal tragedy that needs healing. We do have to say the film does feel slightly longer than it needs to with how it handles certain aspects of the story being dragged out more than they need to.

ThemesDirt Music is a romance movie that uses the ideas of finding a new person in life can help turn life around, with the beauty of the Australian backdrop for the film adding everything to a dream world.

Dirt Music will be available on Digital Download from 19th July

Final Thoughts Dirt Music is a nice enjoyable romance movie.

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