Deliver Us From Evil (2020) Movie Review

Deliver Us from Evil – Relentless Action Film

Director: Won-Chan Hong

Writer: Won-Chan Hong (Screenplay)

Starring: Hwang Jung-Min, Lee Jung-jae, Jung-min Park, moon Choi, Hakuryu

Plot: An assassin goes to Thailand in order to solve a kidnapping case linked to him, and finds himself chased by a man whose sibling he killed.

Tagline – Harboiled chase action

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Deliver Us from Evil starts when assassin In-nam (Jung-min) gets news that his old girlfriend is in trouble and needs him to return to Thailand, an invitation he declines after agreeing never to return, only when she gets killed, leaving their daughter without a parent, he returns to looks for answers.

With In-nam teaming up with Yoo-Yi (Park) he finds himself going into a criminal world he never wanted to, to find his daughter, with Ray (Jung-jae) hunting him down, a man who has been waiting for a chance to get revenge on him for years.

Thoughts on Deliver Us from Evil

Characters & Performances – In-nam is a Korean assassin that has worked in Thailand before, he has a huge reputation for being the man that gets the job done best, he is always wanting to have the last job and keeps to himself. When he needs to return to Thailand in search of his missing daughter, he uses his skills to navigate the criminal underworld, even if he past is starting to haunt him. He is a calm presence, which will show just how deadly he will become a threat for anyone. Ray is the enemy assassin that is looking to hunt down In-nam, he will double cross anyone he works with to make sure he gets to his target, wanting to be in control of every situation he finds himself in. The two leads Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae are both brilliant, they show the different sides of the battle the two characters are, with one being calm, with the other being a loose cannon.

StoryDeliver Us from Evil brings us a story which will see an assassin look to solve a disappearance, using all his skills, only to find himself in a criminal underworld like no other, with another killer looking to track him down. This is a story like we have seen before, one where a specialist, in this case an assassin, must travel to either a new location or an old location they have escaped from, to enter a criminal world to save a loved one. It is a style of story that works, and works very well in action because we can see a large number of bodies left behind for our action star to eliminate. We might get a bit of a twist, with just how dark this ends up going, which is both disturbing and brave, making everything feel more intense and shocking to see where In-nam must go. It might well be similar to what we have seen before, but it doesn’t hold back on anything.

ThemesDeliver Us from Evil gives us some brilliant action sequences, with the hand to hand combat, weapons chases all coming off with great effect. The is a final action sequence that will leave you going wow and everything you have just seen too.

Final Thoughts Deliver Us from Evil is a relentlessly enjoyable action film that never holds back from anything.

Signature Entertainment presents Deliver Us From Evil on Digital Platforms 4th January 2021

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