Dear Elizabeth (2022) Movie Review

Dear Elizabeth – Movie Review

Dear Elizabeth

Director: Scott Abramovitch

Writer: Scott Abramovitch (Screenplay)

Writer: Michael Kun (Novel)


Plot: A man who leads a dull life accidentally stalks an old college classmate, actress Elizabeth Banks, on social media. He rediscovers more of himself and the true meaning of friendship in his attempts to prove he knows her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dear Elizabeth starts as we meet Sid Straw (Hale), he is living a dull life. He gets an invitation to co-chair a college reunion, seeing he needs to join social media. Once on social media, Sid tries to reconnect with his ex-college friend superstar actor Elizabeth Banks.

As Sid continues to contact Elizabeth Banks’s contacts, he gets himself a restraining order. His posts on her Facebook page only to learn they are public, leaving her looking like a stalker. Sid’s whole life comes crashing down around him needing to prove he isn’t a stalker.

Verdict on Dear Elizabeth


Sid Straw has been living a dull life where he remains positive throughout the day. He sees a chance to reunite with his former college classmates at a reunion. Joining social media for the first time, unaware of how it operates. Sid tries to talk to Elizabeth Banks, getting himself a restraining order and going viral. He sets out to prove he knows Elizabeth Banks, only to see his spiralling out of control.

The supporting characters have friends and family that support Sid through his troubles. While the side of the celebrity putting the restraining order on Sid causes problems in his life. Each member gets an odd moment to shine and impact Sid’s life.


Tony Hale is wonderful in the leading role, he has s brilliant way to make you sympathise with him and laugh along the way. The supporting cast gets to shine, with Paul Walter Hauser as a rookie lawyer getting the best laughs. Alan Tudyk is the best friend, showing the compassion needed while not being the closest friend at heart. Elisha Cuthbert and David Walton bring the family connection to Sid’s character.


The story follows an everyday man that gets caught up trying to reconnect with an old college friend who has become famous. As he looks to connect more and more to her, he gets caught up in a restraining order. Leaving him to need to prove he is innocent and actually knows the celebrity.

This is a story that shows the perils of social media to harmless people. It shows how people can create a false vision of themselves without meaning any harm. There is also a message about friendship and how important it is for you to keep friends around you. It shows that life can have ups and downs but deep down the best people in your life will always be there for you.

Dear Elizabeth has good laughs along the way. A great cast and an important message. It leaves you feeling happy and shows the most important part of life, friends and family.

Final Thoughts Dear Elizabeth is a charming fun comedy where Tony Hale gets to shine.

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