Dark Glasses (2022) Movie Review

Dark Glasses – Movie Review

Dark Glasses

Director: Dario Argento

Writer: David Argento, Franco Ferrini (Screenplay)


  • Ilenia Pastorelli
  • Asia Argento (XXX)
  • Andrea Zhang
  • Mario Pirrello
  • Maria Rosaria Russo

Plot: Diana, a young woman who lost her sight, finds a guide in a Chinese boy named Chin. Together they will track down a dangerous killer through the darkness of Italy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dark Glasses starts when prostitute Diana (Pastorelli) finds herself being the latest target from a serial killer. In her attempts to escape she is involved in a car accident, killing the father and leaving the wife in a coma and leaving her blind.

Diana looks to rebuild her life although she is suffering from nightmares of what happened in the accident. She turns to the young boy Chin (Zhang) who survived the accident, as the two find themselves hunted down by the killer.

Verdict on Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses is a mystery horror that follows a woman who escapes a serial killer but at a cost, becoming blind. She must turn to a young boy whose family was involved in the accident caused by the killer. As the killer hasn’t finished with the woman.

Like in many Dario Argento movies, we get a female victim needing to overcome a struggle to survive. It tries to use a loss of sense to drive the story forward and in one way it works, but in the other way it does not get used enough.

The performances are strong from the whole cast, with Ilenia Pastorelli shining in the leading role. In the end, the film does feel like it needed an extra push for the intensity, repeating the same thing over again.

Final Thoughts Dark Glasses is a tense little thriller with an unlikely pair working together.

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