Cursed Films Season One – Review


Cursed Films Season One Review

Plot: Cursed Films is a five-part documentary series which explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously cursed horror film productions.

Runtime: 30 Minute episodes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Cursed Films Season One

Poltergeist (D. Jay Cheel)

A series of untimely deaths connected to the making of the Poltergeist films inspire rumours that the production was cursed. Supernatural suspicions are stoked by rumours that real human skeletons were used during the making of the film.

In episode one, we dive into the mystery of Poltergeist. Some are built on real-life tragedies, including the cast members’ deaths. While others believe that odd events happen on set. This gets a chance to debunk the curses, that have become the myth behind the movie. 4/5

The Omen (D. Jay Cheel)

A series of unfortunate events plague the cast and crew during the making of The Omen, raising concerns that the film might be cursed by the devil himself.

The Omen episode looks at the freak chance of two planes being struck by lightning. Equipment not working properly and real fear happening. For this chapter, we get sent down the path of religious inclusion into a movie. As once again we see too many unexplained events happening around a movie. 3/5

The Exorcist (D. Jay Cheel)

The release of The Exorcist was surrounded by controversy, as reports of fainting theatre-goers and mysterious on-set accidents raised questions as to whether or not the film itself was evil.

The Exorcist episode looks more into the incident around the set and production of the movie. However, most of the movie can look deeper into more set neglect, letting people get injured. This ends up diving back into religion surrounding movies and summoning evil in movies. Sadly, this episode seems to dive more into what people started believing with possession after the Exorcist. 2/5

The Crow (D. Jay Cheel)

Years after Bruce Lee’s mysterious death is attributed to the “Lee Family Curse”, his son Brandon’s life was cut short due to a tragic on-set accident during the making of The Crow.

The Crow has one of the most famous tragedies on set. Here, we see how the troubled film went from bad to tragic and the stories created about the Lee family curse. This does give us a much more personal series of events around the tragedy. 4/5

Twilight Zone: The Movie (D. Jay Cheel)

A horrific on-set accident during the production of Twilight Zone: The Movie leaves those involved in the making of the film cursed by the memory of the incident they witnessed.

Twilight Zone: The Movie has always been a case of neglect on set. This sees one of the production designers Richard Sawyer who was on set during the tragedy. Seeing how he is truly haunted by the events that happened is hard to watch. However, the episode gets to put a spotlight on Troma studio and its dedication to safety. This is by the most difficult to watch as it also looks deeper into the aftermath of the incident. 5/5


Cursed Films Season One gets to explore both sides of the curses around the movie. Certain moments surrounding films are well known, while others have become myths of their own. Nothing is off the table when looking into the mystery around the movies, despite some being more tragic over curses.

There are some very difficult-to-watch moments in the show. They look at the moments that changed lives forever and showed a lack of care on set leading to the tragedies. If you want to learn history about movies that had a bad history, this gives you a chance to learn more facts behind the sets.

Final Thoughts Cursed Films is an excellent look at the mystery behind cursed films.

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