Created Equal (2017)

Director: Bill Duke

Writer: Ned Bowman, Thada Catalon, Joyce Renee Lewis, Michael Ricigliano Jr (Screenplay)

Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Aaron Tveit, Gregor Alan Williams, Edy Ganem, Lauren Compton, Yohance Myles


Plot: A cocky, up-and-coming attorney, begrudgingly takes on a case to sue the Archdiocese of New Orleans for sex discrimination; after a woman, who’s desperate to become a priest, solicits his help.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Courtroom Drama


Story: Created Equal starts as we see how Sister Alejandra Batista (Ganem) who gets punished for wanting to become a priest, this leads her to meet with lawyer Tommy Reilly (Tveit) to represent her in a case to sue the Catholic church for discrimination.

When Tommy known for not going to trial accepts the case and to take it to trial against Monsignor Renzulli (Phillips) to take on the church for the simple right to enter the church, which sends family and business partners into a frenzy of panic as everything goes against what they believe, can this case break the grounds it intends too.


Thoughts on Created Equal


Characters – Tommy Reilly is a lawyer, he was raised catholic, but doesn’t follow the religion to the strictest beliefs, he isn’t loyal to any woman in his life and doesn’t take any of his cases to trial. He takes his case which could destroy his career, but he knows it is the right thing. Alejandra Batista is the sister that wants to become a catholic priest, the only thing stopping her is that she is a woman, she shows the strength to want to fight the catholic church in an attempt to get her chance to follow her dream. Monsignor Renzulli is the church’s lawyer who follows the strict following to make sure no woman will ever become a catholic priest. Judge Watford seeing over the case in his courtroom, he acts fairly to both side of the trial.

PerformancesAaron Tveit in the leading role is good, he shows us two sides of his character with the lawyer side coming off stronger than the womaniser. Lou Diamond Phillips is the biggest name in the movie and he doesn’t take that for granted as he is strong from start to finish. Edy Ganem is great as the woman standing up for her for what she wants to do for a living, she shows the strength needed for this role.

StoryThe story comes into the idea of dealing with equality between the government versus religion, this makes everything interesting to see how things unfold especially in the time we are in trying to accept everyone as equals. Who doesn’t love a good court case too, this has the right questions, the right answers to show the divides between the beliefs.

ThrillerThe has a thrilling side to the story as we follow the one person trying to stop Alejandra from taking on the church in a court of law.

SettingsThe settings show us where this case takes place because it doesn’t turn into the circus courtroom dramas can do.

Scene of the Movie –
Final hearing.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The threat from the outside seems to be added when it isn’t needed at times.

Final ThoughtsThis is a good religious based courtroom drama that gives the question about equal rights within the catholic church.


Overall: One for courtroom drama fans.




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