CO2 (2010) Movie Review

CO2 – Movie Review

CO2 Poster

Director: John Depew (The Final Shift)

Writer: John Depew, Adam Starr (Screenplay)


  • Jared Starr
  • Grace Young (Ask for Jane)
  • Kate Bailey
  • Aaron Firicano (27 Down)

Plot: A mysterious deadly vapour suffocates a small American coal town. Based on actual events.

Runtime: 2 Hours

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: CO2 starts as seismologist Ethan (Starr) is studying a remote valley for potential earthquakes. Subsequently, getting caught in one with Lauren (Bailey), as the research team was hoping to use the area for their product.

When gas begins to leak in the area, Lauren, Noah (Firicano), Ethan and Paige (Young) must figure out how to survive the situation. As well as solving the mystery about where the gas has come from.

Verdict on CO2

CO2 is a sci-fi thriller that is about a gas leak causing disaster in a mountain area. We follow a group of survivors that are searching for a location where they can get out. While seeing the devastation they have escaped.

The movie will show the devastation caused by the gas leak but in a very slow method. Spending most of the film slowly watching the characters walking through the dangerous environment. This will be done on a very low budget, getting the same treatment you would expect from a disaster movie on Sci-Fi channel’s nowadays.

The pacing is too slow, the performances do hold everything back. This is because the characters aren’t drawn out enough, because none of the characters feels used enough in the story.

Where to Watch: CO2 is available to watch now on YouTube Here.

Final Thoughts CO2 is a flat disaster movie, never showing the intensity of what is going on.

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