Cici (2022) Movie Review

Cici – Movie Review


Director: Berkun Oya

Writer: Berkun Oya (Screenplay)


  • Fatih Artman
  • Sevval Balkan
  • Ayca Bingol
  • Incinur Dasdemir
  • Yilmaz Erdogan

Plot: A family migrates to the city after a tragic loss. When they reunite in their hometown 30 years later, buried emotions and painful secrets resurface.

Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Cici starts as it follows a family that has come together once again after the tragic loss of a member of it. the family have come together to make a movie about the life of the family. This brings them closer together, as old problems are addressed.

As the movie continues to be made, other locals return to the lives of the family. Ones that gave them fond memories of what it was like to be young again.

Verdict on Cici

Cici is a drama about family and how coming back together can change how everything is seen. It puts a big focus on how the family are dealing with their loss. This takes us down a path to see how each member has moved on with their life and not everything has gone to plan.

This reunion story shows the importance of family and, most importantly, friendships in life. It shows how people can have different lives than expected but will always remember their time together. To tell the story, the movie itself is longer than it needs to be. It could have easily been trimmed down to bring the biggest impact in the story. Overall, it has a big message and gets it over well enough without being anything we haven’t seen before.

Where to Watch: Cici is available to watch on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Cici is a nice drama about a family coming together.

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