Central Park (2017) Movie Review

Director: Justin Reinsilber

Writer: Justin Reinsilber (Screenplay)

Starring: Justin Reinsilber, Grace Van Patten, Justiin A Davis, Deema Aitken, Ruby Modine, Guillermo Arribas

Plot: A group of teenagers hanging out after dark in Central Park are hunted down by a masked man.

Tagline – We came together, we leave together

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Central Park starts as a group of high society teenagers Leyla (Van Patten), Harold (Davis), Mikey (Aitken), Sessa (Modine), Felix (Arribas) and Donna (Samuel) head into central park for a night of drinking and smoking to escape their lives, which have been put in the spotlight because of their parent’s actions.

The night takes a dark turn when a mysterious man starts trying to pick them off in a violent nature, as they look to desperately escape central park.

Thoughts on Central Park

ThoughtsCentral Park is a horror that will see a masked killer tracking down a group of teens in Central Park as they look to escape the rampage. Now as a basic slasher, this is fun with the kills, which works, but when we look deeper into the actions, it does end up feeling too random, after giving us the deeper look at the teenagers lives, with the troubles because of their parents. It could have looked at giving us more suspects as to why the teenagers would have become targeted, instead of just random killings and while the location in Central Park does feel different, it does seem like nobody knows their way around their own local park. If you can overlook the plot which could be a lot deeper, this is an entertaining enough slasher for the fans of the genre to enjoy.

Final Thoughts Central Park Basic, tame slasher.

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