Bruno (2019) Movie Review ‘Moving Drama’

Bruno – Moving Drama


Director: Karl Golden

Writer: Karl Golden (Screenplay)

Starring: Diarmaid Murtagh, Woody Norman, Seun Shote, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Will Thorp, Kerri McLean, Jenna Harrison, Nick Cornwall

Plot: A homeless man searching for his lost dog forges an unexpected bond with a young boy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bruno starts as homeless man Daniel (Murtagh) who travels around London with his dog Bruno, he keeps to himself, while having connections with people around the city, until he gets involved in an incident, leading to him ending up in hospital, losing track of his dog.

When Daniel runs into a young boy Izzy (Norman), he finds himself getting a new friend, helping him search for Bruno as they navigate their way around London, looking for Bruno and Izzy’s parents.

Thoughts on Bruno

Characters & Performances – Daniel is the homeless man who spends his time wandering around London, seeing his connections and looking after his dog Bruno. When he finds himself caught up in the middle of an altercation, he finds himself in hospital and in search of Bruno, where he finds himself a new young helper, who helps him search, letting him confront what has left him in this place in his life. Diarmaid Murtagh is brilliant in the leading role, he gives so much emotion in his performance, while in scenes where he doesn’t need to say a word. Izzy is the young boy that starts follow Daniel around, he wants to help find Bruno, while keeping the reason for him running away a secret. Woody Norman as the young boy is great to watch, much like Diarmaid, he says so much with his actions in the film. The supporting characters are different people that the pair encounter on their journey around the city, each one will give a glimpse into what they are going through.

StoryThe story here follows a homeless man that goes in search for his dog, as he is joined by a young boy that seems lost in the big city. This is an unlikely friendship between the two as they both have problems they don’t just want to talk about, they need to just be around someone who might help them deal with the problems. The story is kept on the simpler side, with most of the story coming from the actions of the two, leaving us waiting to learn the truth about why both are on their journeys.

ThemesBruno is a drama that will use the London setting to show the journey the characters are going on, showing how quickly you can go from a luxury side of the city, to the side where everyone is struggling, showing us that people will do what they can to help people in need.

Final Thoughts Bruno is a moving drama about two strangers finding their way through the busy city, trying to find themselves.

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