Broad Peak (2022) Movie Review

Broad Peak – Movie Review

Broad Peak

Director: Leszek Dawid

Writer: Lukasz Ludkowski (Screenplay)


  • Ireneusz Czop
  • Piotr Glowacki
  • Maja Ostaszewski
  • Maciej Kulig
  • Dawid Ogrodnik

Plot: After climbing Broad Peak mountain, Maciej Berbeka learns his journey to the summit is incomplete. 25 years later, he sets out to finish what he started.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Broad Peak starts as Maciej Berbeka (Czop) and his team Aleksander (Glowacki), Andrzej (Sapryk) and Krzysztof (Simlat) are climbing the summit of Broad Peak. When complications occur, Maciej does what he can to remain alive and believes he made it to the peak.

Making national news Maciej enjoys the fame and storytelling he can give people about his achievement. Months after, Maciej learns he never made the summit and his reputation is ruined. 25-years-later he looks to complete the journey he started all those years ago.

Verdict on Broad Peak

Broad Peak is the journey of a mountain climber who believes he completed one of the most difficult climbs in history. Being the first to do so, only to learn he never completed it. It shows how his life got consumed by never completing his famous climb and sets out years later to make amend the error.

This movie does show the struggles that climbing can present, with the most experienced climbers even finding it hard at times. The movie has amazing climbing sequences to start and finish the movie, while the drama in the middle tackles the issues being faced.

This is a very interesting movie that shows how much is at risk to complete one of the hardest climbs in human history. The performances are strong throughout and the movie looks beautiful with the mountain climbing sequences.

Where to Watch: Broad Peak is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Broad Peak is a brilliant reflective challenging experience in climbing.

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