Breath (2022) Movie Review

Breath (2022) Movie Review

Breath is a Solid Survival Thriller Drama

Director: John Real

Writer: Adriana Marzagalli, John Real (Screenplay)

Starring: James Cosmo, Rachel Daigh, Ned Chupin

Plot: Lara Winslet is an expert geologist in volcanology. She is together with her team of work on a volcano to conduct surveys. At the end of a working day, Lara decides to stay a little longer to finish an exam and she remains so alone. Returning, she has an accident, falling inside a hole in the ground and remains blocked inside there. Where no one can neither see nor hear her. This experience will lead her to take an examination of her whole life and to think of her daughter.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Breath starts when expert geologist in volcanology Lara (Daigh) looks to finish off her work on a volcano alone before moving onto her next project. An accident will see her getting trapped within one of the holes in the volcano, without an escape.

As Lara tries to figure out if she could escape, she starts to look back on her life and what it meant. Trying to stay a strong as possible for the most important member of her family, her daughter.

Thoughts on Breath

Breath is a survival drama thriller, which will look to capture the less graphic horrors of 127 hours. Where one person will need to figure out how to survive in an environment where nobody is going to come and help them.

Breath does use the searching through the past to give the motivation to keep fighting well, without needing to break new ground in this side of the film. Breath does seem to have one bigger weakness, that being the runtime. Which doesn’t need to be as long as it is given, because the story gets caught up dragging along through parts. Which is doesn’t need to, never hitting the intensity the survival situation could do. There doesn’t seem to be a strong enough pull in this story to make it reach the potential. Even though the performance from Rachel Daigh is strong.

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