Bluff (2022) Movie Review ‘Raw Experience’

Bluff – Raw Experience


Director: Sheikh Shahnawaz

Writer: Sheikh Shahnawaz (Screenplay)

Starring: Gurj Gill, Jason Adam, Nisaro Karim, James Jaysen Bryhan, Joe Egan, Lisa Blissitt

Plot: A London police officer goes undercover as a heroin addict in a small English town and manipulates an unsuspecting local junkie into working with him for a dangerous drug dealer.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bluff starts when a London Police officer Danny Miller (Gill) accepts an offer to go undercover in the heroin world in a small town, making friends with addict Cooks (Adam), to learn about the other connections within the area.

As Miller learns about the operations, he gets close to drug lord Imran (Karim), as he looks to end the source and clean the streets up once and for all.

Thoughts on Bluff

Characters & Performances – Miller is a police officer that gets an new assignment going undercover to get a drug lord, learning how the operation is run, he becomes best friends with a drug addicted, as he learns how everything works. He gets close to the drug lord, but shows the consequences of going undercover, without having the training to do so. Cooks is the drug addict that Miller becomes best friends with, both need a friend in this world, with Cooks innocent side, showing how he is left with nothing anymore, willing to let Miller into his life. Imran is the drug lord that has been running the operations in the small town, he is smooth with his operation and ruthless when it comes to getting revenge on people who cross him. The performances from Gurj Gill, Jason Adam and Nisaro Karim are great showing the impact getting into this world would have on everyone involved.

StoryThe story here follows an undercover police officer who is leading an investigation into a drug lord’s operations, where he must learn about the cause and effect of being in this world. The story will jump between a few timelines, with one being the first entry, another looking back on everything that happened, another with him reaching the higher point beside the drug lord. Each of these timelines will offer up a different look at how this world has changed him, made him regret certain decisions he has made along the way. The way the three stories come together will give us a thriller that keeps us guessing, while making a point that addicts are the victims in everything within this world.

ThemesBluff is a crime thriller that will dive into the raw, gritty world of drug addicts, showing the difficult lives of the victims and the luxury lives of the dealers, taking advantage of them. The movie will leave you wondering what will happen if Miller gets caught in this world.

Final Thoughts Bluff is a raw dive into the drug underworld through the eyes of addicts.


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