Blogathon – The Interview

Over all my time writing I have seen many different blogathons and I thought it was about time I came up with my own idea. My idea is the ‘interview’ as many of use writers won’t get a chance to meet everyone we talk about to ask these sort of questions.

The Rules

  • You can only pick 5 people
  • Only 1 of each category
  • You can only ask 3 questions
  • Only real people, no characters.

Here are the categories:

  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Director
  • Oscar Winner
  • Rising Star (Age is not important, just someone who when you say the name and people don’t know who you are talking about)
  • Writer
  • Expect Better
  • Television Star
  • Deceased Star

ActorJoseph Gordon-Levitt jglIt is quite well known from my friends that Joseph is my favourite actor around, I like how he seems to always pick the right films and doesn’t care about the money involved. I am also a follower of HitRECord his way to try and encourage more talent to show itself.


  • What director of all history would you liked to have worked with?
  • What stars would you like to work with if you could work with any past or present?
  • If you could play anyone from history who would you most like to play?

DirectorQuentin Tarantino quentinIn a world with so many directors it is hard to question that this man is one of the best. He makes even the dullest sounding scene into the most edge of your seat scene of a film.


  • How do you make a scene that seems so dull so edge of the seat?
  • You have worked with so many big names, but of the people you haven’t worked with who would you most like to direct?
  • Excluding your own movies, What film that lost out on an Oscar do you think most deserved one?

WriterStephen King kingHaving had so many of his books turned into films and TV shows it would be fair to say the quantity of uses of his work will be hard to beat. He has many that are highly rated but is yet to create a franchise villain like a Dracula.


  • In 50/100 years how many of your films do you think will be getting treated like just another remake much like the Bram Stoker Dracula?
  • Would you like to have a show/film on the level of a Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  • Do you think horror should get more recognition from the Academy?

Television StarJim Parsons parsons Sheldon from the big bang theory, one of the biggest icons on sitcom


  • Is scared about being typecast?
  • What type of work would you like to look into doing in the future?
  • Is there anyone you would like to guest star on Big Bang Theory?

Rising StarsSoska Sisters twinsThe twins that have made two very good horror films and now been handed bigger budget. I hear people say why these two directors and the truth is that Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary an original horrors that came off with both good story telling and horror moments


  • Would you ever create a horror icon like Carpenter and Craven have done?
  • With certain directors being named the kings of horror would you like to be known as the Queens one day?
  • What is your favourite Horror Franchise?


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