Blackout (2022) Movie Review

Blackout – Movie Review


Director: Sam Macaroni

Writer: Van B Nguyen (Screenplay)


  • Josh Duhamel (Bandit)
  • Abbie Cornish (Geostorm)
  • Nick Nolte (Warrior)
  • Omar Chaparro
  • Barbara de Regil

Plot: A man wakes in a hospital with no memory, and quickly finds himself on the run in a locked down hospital with the Cartel on his tail. He scrambles to find his true identity in the most vicious way.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Blackout starts when Cain (Duhamel) finds himself waking up in a hospital with no memory. He gets visits from Anna (Cornish) claiming to be his wife and Eddie (Chaparro) claiming to be his best friend.

It doesn’t take long before they start pushing Cain for answers about a case. Showing that he has found himself mixed up with the Cartel. He must try to piece together everything to get out of his situation, despite the fact he doesn’t know who to trust.

Verdict on Blackout


Cain is a man that has lost his memory during an accident. He has seen people coming to him for a case he was involved with. Cain finds himself having expert skills in combat, which he uses to elude capture as he tries to piece together everything that has happened.

Anna claims to be Cain’s wife, she is trying to help him get out of the situation, but he is unsure about whether to trust her. Like most of the characters in this film, we are left unsure about her. Eddie claims to be his best friend but quickly shows his darker side. He has the hospital covered with his men who are hunting for Cain after his escape. Ethan McCoy is investigating from the outside, being somebody else who claims to be working with Cain. All three of these characters add confusion to what is going on with Cain.


Josh Duhamel does well in the leading role, he brings the fast-paced action needed, without getting time to breathe around the events. Abbie Cornish, Nick Nolte and Omar Chaparro keep us guessing about their characters throughout the film.


The story follows a man who was injured in a car accident and loses his memory. He wakes up in a hospital with people around him trying to help him but mostly searching for something he had on him before the accident.

This is a non-stop action movie that doesn’t hold back on anything. It keeps us guessing as to who wants what and how Cain is connected to them. Even if things feel like they fall down into the same path we have seen plenty of times before. The quick pace helps the story flyby and we can see where everything else unfolds by the end.


Blackout is a fast-paced action thriller, keeping the action contained within a hospital. It doesn’t stop once it gets going, leading to plenty of fights, sneaky and revelations to what life Cain once had. Everything works as a by the book action film, with certain scenes hitting for high violence levels.

Where to Watch: Blackout is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Blackout is a by the book action movie a typical late night action flick.

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