Black Eagle (1988)

logoDirector: Eric Karson

Writer: Michael Gonzales, A.E. Peters (Screenplay) Shimon Arama (Story)

Starring: Sho Kosugi, Jean Claude Van Damme, Doran Clark, Bruce French, Vladimir Skomarovsky, William Bassett,


Plot: One of the US Air Force’s most modern tactical aircrafts, a F-100 with a new laser guidance system, crashes into the sea near Malta – a region where the Soviet forces are highly present, too. The CIA immediately sends out their best secret agent Ken Tami to salvage the system before it falls into enemy hands. To ensure his loyalty, they bring his two young sons to a nearby hotel on the island. Ken Tami’s tough opponent is KGB agent Andrei.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Simple Action


Story: Black Eagle starts by showing both sides hearing a radio transmission about three US jets that crash land carrying the latest technology. The US sends their best man Ken Tani (Kosugi) to Malta to retrieve the technology. The Soviet Union also wants the technology and goes after the pilots so they can retrieve the technology. Andrei (Van Damme) is the muscles of the Union side who takes no prisoners when lives are at risk.

The US force the reluctant Ken to take the mission even though it is his time with his children, they taking his kids to Malta with Patricia Parker (Clark). This leads the Ken going on the mission to Malta along with former US connection Father Bedelia (French). They are hunted down by the Soviet side while both sides track down the missing planes. The Soviet’s take the upper hand by kidnapping Ken’s children leading him to go on a one man mission to take them down.

Black Eagle really doesn’t have too much of a story, we have the standard two country race to collect weaponry which works because the two sides wouldn’t want the other to have the technology. We have the one man taking out the large group of useless henchman and only ever get a tease of a real fight between the two martial arts men. It doesn’t offer anything original and the fight scenes don’t come fast enough. (4/10)


Actor Review


Sho Kosugi: Ken Tani the special agent tasked with retrieve the guidance missiles but after his family gets mixed up in conflict he must make sure he takes no prisoners. Sho does a good job but doesn’t show off all his skills. (6/10)


Jean-Claude Van Damme: Andrei the henchman to the Colonel who will fight anyone and usually beat them too. An early role from Van Damme and shows he can play bad guys but was only learning the art. (4/10)


Doran Clark: Patricia Parker the US agent tasked with looking after Ken’s boys but soon ends up captured along with one of the boys. Doran does a solid job but doesn’t get used enough. (5/10)


Support Cast: Black Eagle has a support cast that is filled with henchmen who get killed easy while not being able to shot or fight, it also has people helping both sides filling the planning roles nicely.


Director Review: Eric Karson – Eric does a basic job here, he doesn’t create enough to make this a good action film just a very simple one. (5/10)


Action: Black Eagle has a few fights, chases and shooting, they don’t come along enough and are all very short in the end. (5/10)

Settings: Black Eagle uses the island of Malta nicely for a setting but it only looks good doesn’t offer anything to the story. (5/10)

Suggestion: Black Eagle is one to watch late night TV when it turns up but don’t go out your way to watch it. (Late Night TV)


Best Part: Kid fight.

Worst Part: Drags along.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • A true showdown between Ken and Andrei.
  • More action
  • Less talking

Action Scene Of The Film: The fort escape.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $3 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Tagline: There are no enemies. There is no glory. This fight is one on one.


Overall: Dragging Action Film

Rating 40

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