Bite Me (2019) Movie Review ‘Nice Love Story’

Bite Me – Nice Love Story


Director: Meredith Edwards

Writer: Naomi McDougall Jones (Screenplay)

Starring: Naomi McDougall Jones, Christian Coulson, Naomi Grossman, Annie Golden, Mahira Kakkar

Plot: When Sarah, a real-life vampire, gets audited, the last thing she expects is a date. But an unlikely spark with IRS agent, James, forces two misfits to confront whether they have the courage to commit the radical act of falling in love.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bite Me starts as we meet vampire Sarah (Jones) who has just seen her life thrown into the public eye, after a few other vampires decide to go public about their lives. Sarah finds herself becoming audited by James (Coulson) who wants to help her, only for the two to get involved in a forbidden relationship.

As James finds himself caught in a potential career making decision, he can’t help but want to follow his heart, despite the judging personalities around him.

Thoughts on Bite Me

Characters & Performances – Sarah is a vampire living a normal life with her fellow vampires in their church, she is more of the modern vision of a vampire, where people will look at her funny, but she is mostly human wanting human contact. She starts to fall for the man auditing her, letting her guard down for the first time in years. Naomi McDougall Jones writes and takes the leading role in this film, where we see the lost woman in the world, wanting to stand out, finding herself with a new sense of direction. James is the auditor not having much in his life, he has found himself stuck in a routine job and alone, until he starts investigating Sarah, he sees more in life. Christian Coulson makes for a leading male that needs to look as ordinary as possible, the opposite to the vampire woman he is attracted too. Naomi Grossman and Mahira Kakkar are both wonderful in the supporting roles as the housemates of Sarah, with the pair getting plenty of laughs along the way.

StoryBite Me is a story that will see a modern day vampire fall in love with the person who is meant to be auditing their church. The story will bring a fresh spin to the way the world sees vampires, being more of a way of life, rather than a supernatural being, while the love story is all about what we all want in life, company. Deep down this is all about wanting the simple thing in life, someone to share it with, while always being left in the position of needing to learn to ignore what people think of what is going on.

ThemesBite Me is a romance comedy showing the troubles of modern love, while filling the film with the type of best friends or co-workers figures that will be great for a laugh to break any serious movement going on. The big city feel will show that there is always going to be different cultures around the city, ones with different beliefs, which will offer no harm to anyone else.

Bite Me will be available on digital download from 8th February

Final Thoughts Bite Me is a fun look at the modern love story from people in different beliefs.

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