Bar Fight! (2022) Movie Review


Bar Fight! – Movie Review

Director: Jim Mahoney

Writer: Jim Mahoney (Screenplay)


Plot: Nina and Allen split everything in their lives after their break-up and must compete in a ridiculous custody battle for their prized watering hole in which lines will be drawn, sides will be chosen, and beers will be drunken.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bar Fight! Starts when Nina (Fumero) and Allen (Jones) break up, with the pair happily going their separate ways. The problem comes when the pair need to decide who can continue using their favourite bar.

As the bar staff bring up a fair way to decide who gets to continue being a regular. Nina and Allen must compete in a series of bar sports, leading to a series of comedic events as the night unfolds.

Verdict on Bar Fight!


Nina is an entertainment lawyer, facing her newly single life with the support of her best friend. She has stepped into internet dating only to find her ex-Allen in the bar of choice. Nina jumps at the chance to take part in the competition to help move on with her life.

Allen is a carpenter that is joined by his co-partner on the night out. He jumps at his chance at the competition trying to remain calm about the break up.

The supporting cast is filled with laughs, from the two best friends who push Nina and Allen to achieve more in life, despite only being set over one night. Add in the bar staff that bring plenty to the table, side laughs, that make us feel like they have been here for years and would be happy to return to them again.


The movie has a great cast, Melissa Fumero and Luka Jones as the couple who are breaking up show great chemistry. In the supporting cast, we have a cast that works so well together. They get laughs throughout the film while getting a chance to shine in their roles.


The story follows a couple that has recently broken up and finds themselves wanting to keep attending the same bar. This leads to a series of competitions to see who wins the right to keep coming to their favourite bar.

The story is set over one night and uses the idea that regulars in a bar can become part of the family. When it comes to the competition, they fall under typical bar games with a little extra about them. This helps keep everything contained for the night, showing the community created in the bar. There is a bigger discussion about break-ups and what they mean to the people involved, showing the character’s need to face the potential reality of changes in their lives.


Bar Fight! Is a comedy focusing on a couple that recently broke up and end up spending a night in a bar competing to see who can keep calling it their local. The bar gives us a family feeling about it, with the loyalty shown between the bar staff and regulars. It would be easy to compare the chemistry between them to ‘Cheers’ where everyone is welcome, and each member has their own little problems to overcome each day.

Where to Watch: Signature Entertainment presents Bar Fight! on Digital Platforms on 14th November

Final Thoughts Bar Fight! Is a funny, enjoyable and laugh-out-loud party night.

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