Bae Wolf (2022) Movie Review ‘Fun Spin on a Fantasy Legend’


Bae Wolf – Fun Spin on a Fantasy Legend


Director: David Axe

Writer: David Axe (Screenplay) Darien Cavanaugh (Story)

Starring: Morgan Shaley Renew, Jennifer Hill, Aaron Blomberg, Josh Kern, Katie Langdale, Rachel Petsiavas

Plot: In the year 500 A.D., a jealous, decapitating monster terrorizes the drunken revelers of Heorot. A fearless princess goes in search of a hero who can save her people. But that hero guards a secret more dangerous than any monster.

Tagline – It takes a monster to fight a monster.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bae Wolf starts when a fearless princess Freawaru (Renew) goes in search for help for her town’s monster problem, a Grendel (Kern), who has been killing the residents before walking away like nothing has happened.

As Freawaru searches for help, she meets Beowulf (Hill) and her men that have been fighting monsters roaming the land, using the stories behind them, as a way to get into village, not being prepared for what Grendel is to the village.

Thoughts on Bae Wolf

ThoughtsBae Wolf is a fantasy movie that will look to bring a different spin on the Beowulf legend, one that we have seen put to the bring screen a couple of times already in recent years, this time bringing a more grounded reality to everything going on within the world. Bae Wolf will bring us new visions of the character involved in the Grendel story, needing to find a way to win the battle, while not being afraid story and turn the legend into a mix of human involvement behind the legends. Bae Wolf is a film that is happy to embrace the B-Movie levels of the film, not taking too much serious, which might well hold things back, but then it also adds in an extra lighter side to everything we see.

Final Thoughts Bae Wolf is a fun low budget fantasy, accepting the stories in a new light.

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