Away (2019) Movie Review

Away – Stunningly Beautiful

Director: Gints Zilbalodis

Writer: Gints Zilbalodis (Screenplay)

Plot: A boy and a little bird are on a journey across a strange island trying to get back home.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Away starts as a young man finds himself stranded in a location where he doesn’t know, a strange figure is heading his way and a bike is his best escape, joined by a small bird that hasn’t learnt to fly, they flew across the beautiful landscapes to discover the world they are in.

Thoughts on Away

Characters – The nameless young man is on the run from the shadow figure, showing his kind nature along the way, helping different creatures, with the little bird joining him, he tries to outsmart the shadow, while learning more about himself. This is a film that has no words, with the other characters being the shadow, just following the young man and the other creatures he meets along the way. We might not get much character development, it is more than the journey.

StoryThe story here follows a young man travelling across an island with a small bird to escape a shadow figure following him. This is a story about the journey, it does reflect what has happened in the young man’s life, showing that kindness will help escape the darkness following, we could dive into many different metaphors going on through this story.

ThemesAway is an animated movie that looks beautiful, with the stunning landscapes, the animal look and the journey, each chapter creates a new visual pleasure.

Away will be on Digital Download from 18th January and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here & AppleTV here

Away is one of the most beautiful movies you will see, engaging in the story and stunning landscapes make this journey a true pleasure to experience.

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