Ask Me to Dance (2022) Movie Review


Ask Me to Dance – Movie Review

Director: Tom Malloy

Writer: Tom Malloy (Screenplay)


  • Briana Evigan (Burning Bright)
  • Tom Malloy (The Alphabet Killer)
  • Mario Cantone (Mousehunt)
  • Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company)
  • Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet)

Plot: On a starry night, Jack and Jill separately meet a fortune teller who predicts they will meet the love of their life before the end of the year, which happens to be only five days away.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ask Me to Dance starts as we meet Jill (Evigan) who has been searching for love before her best friend’s wedding. She gets sent on a string of dates that go wrong, despite being told she would find love before the end of the year. Elsewhere, Jack (Malloy) has been going through the same problem, going through disastrous dates too.

As the wedding comes closer, Jill and Jack find themselves almost meeting, leading to them getting frustrated by love. They question whether the fortune-telling was just making things up to make them feel more loved.

Verdict on Ask Me to Dance

Ask Me to Dance is a romantic comedy following two people looking for love in a busy world. It sees them going on a string of bad dates as they look to find love, leading up to a wedding they are both attending.

For a romantic comedy, this does everything you expect it to. There is plenty of time to watch the dates go wrong, giving the movie the laughs, it needs. Some of the laughs are situational, while others focus on the awkward situation the characters are put in. You can see where this movie is going from the first moment and relies on the idea both characters want to find someone who can dance.

Briana Evigan and Tom Malloy are both great in the leading roles. They show frustration but openness to meet new people in their characters. While the supporting cast gets much-needed laughs with the situations they find themselves in.

Where to Watch: Ask Me To Dance will be available on Digital Download from 13th February.

Final ThoughtsAsk Me to Dance is a good time romantic comedy.

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