Arctic Apocalypse (2019) Movie Review

Director: Eric Paul Erickson, Jon Kondelik

Writer: Bill Hanstock (Screenplay)

Starring: Joel Berti, Jennifer Lee Wiggins, Lauren Espostio, Charles N Townsend III, Anna Sofie Christensen, Blake Dang

Plot: A massive influx of glacial melting triggers a new ice age in the Northern Hemisphere, forcing a family to make their way across the ice-covered landscape before they are frozen out for good.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Feels Like Just a Chapter

Story: Arctic Apocalypse starts after the world has been hit by a sudden ice age from the melting of glaciers, Mark (Berti) and Helen (Wiggins) have been working on finding a solution, while also racing to find their daughter Brie (Esposito). Brie is with Tyler (Townsend III) searching for her parents to hand over information which could help stop the disaster happening.

This does become a race against time to save their daughter and escape the storm, which is going to hit in the most serious way.

Thoughts on Arctic Apocalypse

Characters – Mark and Helen are the parents who spend the whole film either searching for their daughter and discussing just what they need to do to prevent something bigger happening. Brie is their daughter who has the information which could help predict or prevent the storm getting any worse, with her boyfriend Tyler who is handy when it comes to mechanical work.

PerformancesThe film struggles with the performances because it isn’t written very well, they are bland characters that just doesn’t work for the film, the screaming, crying it is all low level material.

StoryThe story takes us to a world where the planet has been hit by a sudden ice age and we follow a family of scientists who are looking to prevent or predict the storms, only for them to need to overcome obstacles along the way. We have seen loads of disaster movies now a days, we always must look at the actual disaster that is happening, which does happen too suddenly missing all the panic around it happening, living in the aftermath, which was only ever 2 weeks later. Most of it is searching rather than actually seeing the destruction happen which is why we watch big disaster movies.

Action/Sci-FiThe action is very basic fights, some driving away from CGI problems and CGI created destruction of famous locations, it is a sci-fi world which see the end of the world slowly happening around us.

SettingsThe film takes us through a mountain range and woodland area for the most part, without the big random disaster moments in big cities around the world, we keep to the quiet locations in America.

Special EffectsThe effects are as bad as you would expect them to be, with nothing coming off on the levels it needs to leaving us feeling like the peril is sucked out of the film.

Scene of the Movie – Fire.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – It just feels like an opening chapter of a bigger disaster film.

Final Thoughts This is a largely disappointing poor attempt at a disaster film, which could have had a lot of fun with the genre only to end up feeling flat.

Overall: Dull Disaster film.

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  1. Mmmm not recommended unless you want 2 c, kids making a movie with cell phone capture video of a fake earthquake and some computer made scenes. Something like acting driving a car with the being car

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