Alien Parasite (2023) Movie Review


Alien Parasite – Movie Review

Director: Jimmy Traynor

Writer: Jimmy Traynor (Screenplay)


  • Ciel-K
  • Rebekah Galloway
  • Zoilita Lester
  • Jacob Le Doux
  • Frederick Cowie

Plot: A crew on a moon base are cut off from communication with earth. Their supplies are running out and now they face an even worse problem. An alien parasite has infested their base.

Runtime: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alien Parasite starts as we meet a crew on a moon base. Roger (Traynor) runs the operations with Kate (Ciel-K) being his second. The crew is starting to feel strained and has lost communication with Earth.

To make matters worse, one of the crew members gets infected by an alien parasite and starts trying to kill the crew. The remaining crew members must come together and look to stop the spread before there is nobody else left.

Verdict on Alien Parasite

Alien Parasite is a micro-budget sci-fi movie. The movie follows a crew on a space station that discovers one of their own has become infected by an alien parasite. They must work together to escape the threat before it spreads through them all.

This movie does feel like a mix of ‘The Thing’ and ‘Life’ as we see the crew seeing a new enemy within. When it comes to the core story, this is entertaining and does give us a chance to see the suspense grow. However, the micro-budget effects might not work for everyone. The movie does a great job of keeping us guessing as to who might be infected as the tension between the crew members grows throughout the film.

Final Thoughts Alien Parasite is a nice suspenseful sci-fi movie.

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