Adalynn (2023) Movie Review


Adalynn – Movie Review

Director: Jacob Byrd

Writer: Jerrod D Brito (Screenplay)


  • Sydney Carvill (Moon Students)
  • Wade Baker (Division 19)
  • Janet Carter (Revenge for My Mother)
  • Rob Shuster (The Birthmark Killer)

Plot: In order to keep herself and her newborn baby alive, a mother must fight to overcome postpartum depression, grief, inner demons, sinister impulses, and an unseen tormentor until her husband can return home from his business trip to help her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Adalynn starts when Adalynn (Carvill) and her husband Bill (Baker) return home after she gave birth to baby Elizabeth. Everything seems calm between the two, despite Bill needing to head off on a business trip. This leaves Adalynn alone with their newborn as she starts to struggle with the pressure of doing everything together.

However, as Adalynn sees the pressure grow, she starts to find herself questioning her own reality. This sees her becoming increasingly more concerned about what is happening to her without having any support around her.

Verdict on Adalynn

Adalynn is a horror thriller following a mother struggling with postpartum depression after the birth of her child. She finds herself left alone in the home, struggling with sleep and the pressure of being there for her newborn. This sees things getting worse as time passes and she can’t understand her own reality.

The movie does an excellent job to show how Adalynn is starting to lose her sense of reality. It uses the very real side effects that a woman can feel about giving birth with postpartum depression. Syndey Carvill does a brilliant job in the leading role of the movie, needing to carry most of the movie. However, when the movie starts to unfold it does feel like it wants to go down the road of too many twists about what is going on in Adalynn’s mind. The movie does have disturbing sequences that create a natural feeling of unease around the home that is meant to be safe.

Where to Watch: Adalynn is available on digital from the 28th of March.

Final Thoughts Adalynn is a disturbing horror that constantly keeps you guessing.

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