ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – Q – My Internship in Canada (2015) Movie Thoughts

This is under Q because most of it is about Quebec.

Director: Philippe Falardeau

Writer: Philippe Falardeau (Screenplay)

Starring: Irdens Exantus, Caroline Trudel, Patrick Hurad, Clenze Dufresne-Deslieres, Dangelo Neard, Philona Jean

Plot: An idealistic young Haitian travels to rural Quebec to intern for an independent Member of Parliament when a national debate erupts that finds the MP holding the tie-breaking vote.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: My Internship in Canada starts when Haitian Souverian Pascal (Exantus) arrives in Quebec to work for a independent member of parliament Steve Guibord (Huard), he runs a small office, trying to solve the problems around the town.

Once in the role Souverian learns the Steve will have the deciding vote in a war debate, which will see him rising to importance throughout Quebec while trying to make the most important decision.

Thoughts on My Internship in Canada

Final Thoughts My Internship in Canada is a statical look at the political system, it shows how an outside could help drive the presence of a quieter politician and how the biggest decision in the country can come from the one man that is being pushed, bought and bribed into doing what is best for his future. The film will get laughs along the way with the tongue in cheek idea that this could happen in the future, rather than being something that has already happened. This is well acted, well told story that can be enjoyed by the fans of the style of comedy.

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