ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – K – Kardec (2019) Movie Review


Director: Wagner de Assis

Writer: L.G. Bayao, Wagner de Assis (Screenplay)

Starring: Leonardo Medeiros, Sandra Corveloni

Plot: Tells the story of Allan Kardec, from his days as an educator to his contribution to the spiritist codification.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Kardec starts as educator in France Rivail (Medeiros) finds his ways of education questioned by the church who have gained power due to the new leader in the country. Rivail is drawn into the world of spiritist, who communicate with the dead, where he makes the connection as Allan Kardec to the dead.

As Kardec starts building up a reputation in the community, he starts with fresh ideas of what to change about the methods, only for him to make a fresh set of enemies in the country who frowns on what he is doing.

Thoughts on Kardec

ThoughtsKardec is an interesting look at one of the first spiritist that looked to go against the church by believing the world could operate where people could connect to the spirits of the world. It will show us how forward thinking people were always put in a position where they might not been seen as series, if people in power won’t want to believe there is a difference in life. This is a biopic that will be happy to challenge people’s views on the explainable in life. We do get strong performances in this film, which help with seeing the inner battle to succeed with finding answers.

Final Thoughts Kardec is an interesting look at a man who was willing challenge the change in beliefs.

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