ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – I – In This Corner of the World (2016) Film Thoughts

Director: Sunao Katabuchi

Writer: Sunao Katabuchi, Chie Uratani (Screenplay) Fumiyo Kono (Manga)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Ava Pickard, Kenna Pickard, Karen Strassman, Melodee Spevack, Michael Sorich

Plot: Set in Hiroshima during World War II, an eighteen-year-old girl gets married and now has to prepare food for her family despite the rationing and lack of supplies. As she struggles with the daily loss of life’s amenities she still has to maintain the will to live.

Runtime: 2 Hours 9 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Sweet Little Animation

Story: In This Corner of the World starts as we meet Suzu a young girl turning into a woman that works for a kind family as a maid, she ends up getting married young filling the wife void in the family, as World War II starts to rage on, coming close to home for the family.

With the war coming to the town, they family must get used to rationing with the lack of supplies and the constant bombardment coming their way.

Thoughts on In This Corner of the World

Final Thoughts In This Corner of the World examines the troubles that are being experienced during World War II, as a young family that are usually getting through the days with ease, see themselves thrown into a war they aren’t prepared for the battle, with the new reality making life hard, we see the world through the eyes of the innocent young girl as she lets her mind wander, while letting her kindness become the most important part of her character. While this does show us the heartbreak of war time in Japan in the later stages of the film, it does focus too heavily on building the family relationship for an hour, which does show us how together the family are, but it doesn’t give enough on the pain suffered, compared to another animated movie in the same genre, The Grave of the Fireflies. Does get the important message of the pain caused by war over, only it ends up focusing on the positive people who were the victims of the war.

Overall: Dramatic Animation

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