ABC Film Challenge – Sci-Fi – Y – Yoda


ABC Film Challenge Non-Review Selection

I won’t be doing reviews for everything letter, so here are my pick for today.

ABC Film Challenge




Why I’ve Picked this choiceIn the world of sci-fi there is two major franchises which took the world by storm, Star Trek and Star Wars, you will usually find people that are more favourable to one over the other, the fans have always been loyal. The characters in both franchises have become memorable, but for me one stands out in the Star Wars universe for the fans, Yoda, the oldest Jedi that has along the way been involved in training all the modern Jedi’s be it Luke, Anakin or Obi-Wan. The words of wisdom wrapped in a riddle are ones fans quote and the master is easily one of the easiest to recognise figures in modern pop culture.

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