ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nomination – Q – Quincy Jones


ABC Film Challenge Non-Review Selection

I won’t be doing reviews for everything letter, so here are my pick for today.

Oscar Nomination


As I couldn’t select a film beginning with Q I decided to look at one man that never won an Oscar, but did get 7 nominations.

Quincy Jones

Why I’ve Picked this choiceQuincy Jones has been nominated for 7 Oscars in his illustrious career as a composer, sadly he never won one even though he got two nomination with The Colour Purple which did win heavily in the year of the Oscars. I have decided to highlight a composer because at times they can be overlooked when talking about Oscar movies.

For me my favourite piece is one of his most iconic tunes – Ironside

Leave me a comment with your pick for his favourite piece of work.

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