ABC Film Challenge – Horror – Z – Last Ones Out (2015) Movie Review

This is going under Z because of star Vukile Zuma.

Director: Howard Fyvie

Writer: Howard Fyvie (Screenplay)

Starring: Greg Kriek, Christia Visser, Tshamano Sebe, Vukile Zuma, Mfihlakalo Mazwembe, Cele Du Plessis, Jack Hine, Tuks Tad Lungu

Plot: A sceptical American man is stranded in the middle of a zombie-infected Africa and must trust the help of three mysterious strangers in order to make it out alive.

Tagline – The cradle of humankind could be its end

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Last Ones Out starts as American tourist Henry (Kriek) waiting for his appendix to be removed, finds himself one of the few people left in a hospital when a zombie outbreak starts.

Henry must trust his doctor Sunet (Visser) and two locals Siseko (Sebe) and Vincent (Zuma) to work together to make it through the African wilderness to a potential rescue location, as the four will learn about their own beliefs, in the race to survive.

Thoughts on Last Ones Out

Thoughts Last Ones Out is an African zombie movie, that will follow four people from different backgrounds, needing to work together to survive the outbreak, with limited resources and never knowing if they can trust each other. When it comes to the zombie movie genre, it is always nice to see a fresh attempt to build a movie, with this one trying to use a more barren location, which shows both the limited number of resources, but more of the weakness in this film, comes from the fact this will give us a lack of potential zombies, with most just being the odd one, that is easy to escape from. Last Ones Out does lack the intensity most zombies film have because of this, which will hold it back from reaching the best levels it could. The performances are solid enough, with the distant relationship needed to show the human impact of what is going on. Last Ones Out is an easy to watch zombie film, but it doesn’t bring enough freshness to the sub-genre.

Final Thoughts Last Ones Out is an easy to watch zombie film, that lacks the intensity it could have achieved.

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