ABC Film Challenge – Horror – W – Wolves at the Door (2016) Movie Review


Director: John R Leonetti

Writer: Gary Dauberman (Screenplay)

Starring: Katie Cassidy, Elizabeth Henstridge, Adam Campbell, Miles Fisher, Chris Mulkey, Jane Kaczmarek, Spencer Daniels

Plot: Four friends are murdered in their home for no reason by four members of the Manson Family.

Tagline – When night falls….the wolves will hunt

Runtime: 1 Hour13 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Another Pointless Manson Film

Story: Wolves at the Door starts when four friends Sharon (Cassidy), Abigail (Henstridge), Wojciech (Campbell) and Jay (Fisher) return home from a early birthday party to continue the party at home, this night gets interrupted by some home invades for are part of a cult, looking to kill the four friends and we watch to see if the friends can survive.

Thoughts on Wolves at the Door

Characters – The characters here feel like they aren’t allowed to be based on the actual victims, even though Sharon is a pregnant actress, we don’t get the heavy proof this is actually Sharon Tate, needless to say the characters are so bland you won’t care about them, which is a true shame because if these are meant to be the real people, the script does them no justice, they are just friends, they have nothing about who they are or anything.

PerformancesThe performances here are not good either, this is mostly because of the pure lack of screen time for most of the stars, everything feels too rushed to let them become the characters they are meant to be playing.

StoryThe story here follows the Manson family attack on the Tate household. Now this is the fifth version of the Tate murder’s that I have seen in a year, the story is horrific, please can you stop exploiting it. The way this story unfolds is dull, we get no chance to meet the victims, the murders are a flash at it is over, we learn absolutely nothing about this horrendous attack and it just ends up exploiting it once again.

HorrorThe horror is mostly weak home invasion ideas, none really come off as scary as they should be.

SettingsThe film is mostly set in the Tate house, which works for all it needs to, it doesn’t add anything to the film.

Special EffectsThe effects are basic, most violence happens off camera, leaving it to our own imagination about what is going on.

Scene of the Movie – None.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The pointlessness of doing another Tate murder film.

Final Thoughts This is a terrible film that just exploits the horrendous crime.

Overall: Dull and Uninspiring.

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