ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – H- The House of Tomorrow (2017) Movie Review

Director: Peter Livolsi

Writer: Peter Livolsi (Screenplay) Peter Bognanni (Novel)

Starring: Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff, Nick Offerman, Ellen Burstyn, Fred Armisen, Maude Apatow

Plot: The film tells futurist, architect, and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller’s incredible story through two teens hoping to get laid, become punk gods, and survive high school.

Tagline – Make Your Own Future

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Enjoyable Comedy

Story: The House of Tomorrow starts as Sebastian (Butterfield) and his grandmother Josephine (Burstyn) are showing of their house of tomorrow to a church group, when Josephine suffers a stroke, with Alan (Offerman) and his son Jared (Wolff) taking him during his time of need, offering him friendship and a new look to life, while his grandmother recovers.

Jared introduces Sebastian to punk music, with the two looking to start their own band, only Jared needs to start look after his own health, which is always going to hold him back, no matter how hard he tries to get the most out of life.

Thoughts on The House of Tomorrow

Characters – Sebastian has been raised in a house of the future, one that has seen him not experience the outside world, just having the tours around the home, when his grandmother has a stroke, he makes a friend in the outside world and learns that their will be more to life. Jared is the teenager that is the same age as Sebastian, he has his own health problems which will shorten his life, his love of punk helps him wanting to be a rebel and with Sebastian, he wants to start a band. Alan is Jared’s father that runs a church, he offers to help Sebastian, though he is always trying to care about his son’s health. Josephine is the grandmother that worked with the great mind behind the house of tomorrow, she has continued his work, showing her house as part of the tour.

PerformancesAsa Butterfield and Alex Wolff work very well together, they balance out the differences between the characters well through the film, while Nick Offerman is as always entertaining to watch.

StoryThe story here follows two teenagers from different worlds that find each other by chance and end up starting a band and discovering they is more to life. This is like most stories about discovering more about yourself, it gives us two people from different worlds that their meeting will bring them closer together unlike anything before, it shows that you can go out there and live your own life, despite the obstacles that may be around you. It doesn’t offer anything new to this, but shows we can learn from our past to enjoy our future.

ComedyThe comedy in this film is everything you would imagine, Nick Offerman gets most of the laughs, without trying.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show the different homes the two teenagers have come from, each is different and sees the other as something they hadn’t experienced before.

Scene of the Movie – The gig.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – We have seen this before.

Final Thoughts This is an enjoyable coming of age comedy that shows the importance of living life to the fullest once again.

Overall: Enjoyable.

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