ABC Film Challenge – Action – Q – San Andreas Mega Quake (2019) Movie Review

Director: H.M. Coakley

Writer: Ryan Ebert, Geoff Meed (Screenplay)

Starring: Joseph Michael Harris, Christie Nicholls, Liz Fenning, Sarah J Bartholomew, Dennis Renard, Glen Baggerly

Plot: Scientists make a horrible discovery: The “Big One” is coming in two days, with it, California will sink to the ocean. Their only hope is to rupture a volcano that will displace the earthquake’s energy and build a new crust on the surface. But as fore-shocks turn California into chaos, it’s a race against time the scientists might not win.

Tagline – America is about to split in half!

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: San Andreas Mega Quake starts in the aftermath of a quake which devastated LA, the rebuilding process has started until the next quake arrives, Dr Jan Werner (Harris) must work with his ex-wife Deborah (Nicholls) as they look to use her invention to prevent the whole West Coast of America from falling into the ocean, meanwhile their daughter Ingrid (Bartholomew) is helping the remaining residents evacuate the area.

Thoughts on San Andreas Mega Quake

ThoughtsSan Andreas Mega Quake is the sequel to the San Andreas Quake movie, which was a knock off of Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas, while the film does do well to show us how the part of the world has been affected by the earthquake, it soon seems to forget most of this as LA looks unaffected with later moments. We do fail to capture the destruction sequences which would make the film a lot more enjoyable, filling most of the story with the science talk and a car, helicopter or person walking needing to do something to escape. We lack the ability to give us something big and dumb, which is what once made this style of movie fun to watch.

Final Thoughts San Andrea Mega Quake bland syfy standard movie.

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