At Granny’s House (2015)

Director: Les Mahoney

Writer: Les Mahoney (Screenplay)

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr, Rachel Alig, Laura Lee, Les Mahoney, Glenda Morgan Brown, Charles A Baird


Plot: Marion Rogers (Granny), an elderly lady in the small town of Haley, reluctantly accepts the mysterious Rebecca Torrance as her live-in caregiver, but eventually the two form a strong friendship. Rebecca soon sells Granny on the idea of turning the house into a guest house for travelers looking for free accommodations., which, in turn, leads to revealing Rebecca’s dark and fatal secret. A strange love triangle forms when Rebecca and Ted, a guest at the house, fall in love. This leads to a violent confrontation that will forever change the lives of all the residents AT GRANNY’S HOUSE. A typical Midwest house. A sweet little old lady. When a caretaker moves in to help out, Granny’s House becomes a macabre place of death – and love.

Tagline – Love hurts.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Creepy Thriller


Story: At Granny’s House starts when Marion Rogers (Brown) is forced into having live in carer Rebecca (Alig), the house is big and Rebecca comes up with the idea of advertising on ‘My Free Bed’ a website which offers strangers a room for the night.

With the idea in motion, the ladies invite strangers into their homes, only for Rebecca to show her darker side. When the Steiner’s Linda (Lee) and Ted (Mahoney) stay things go up a notch as Rebecca gets involved in a romantic angle with Ted, giving her a partner in her crimes.


Thoughts on At Granny’s House


Characters – Marion Rogers is the older woman that gets forced into getting a carer to keep her company, while I feel she isn’t old enough to need a carer or sick enough, that is a different discussion. She is happy to have extra guests staying to add to her extra company. Rebecca is the new live-in carer for Marion, she comes off nice on the outside, but she does keep a secret inside when she doesn’t like the guests. Ted is the married man that falls in love with Rebecca and they start following her dark side together. Boarstag is an investigator searching for a missing person that’s last known location is in the house.

PerformancesGlenda Morgan Brown as the titular granny is great, while I do think she is too young to be playing a woman who needs a carer, she makes her characters seem sweet and innocent one moment before showing how twisted she could be the next. Rachel Alig is great in her role, she shows how her character can get what she wants and how she will do anything to keep it. Bill Oberst Jr is good in his role even if we would like to see more of his character. Les Mahoney takes up a couple of roles here, starring he is good and behind the camera he is even better, creating the atmosphere involved.

StoryThe story follows one woman that becomes a carer only to use this to fulfil her darker fantasies. Things soon get complicated when she falls in love and we are left to see how things unfold when everything get complicated. This is told well and does feel like it is something that could happen in small town America. I will say the love angle does come off strange because it seems to happen in a blink of an eye. Watching Rebecca plan everything is great to watch.

ThrillerThis does have great tension throughout the film as you wait to see where things will go next.

SettingsThe film takes place in one home which shows us just what could happen behind the walls of this house in small town America.

Scene of the Movie –
Final scene.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The falling in love seems hard to believe.

Final ThoughtsThis is a creepy thriller that laves us wondering just what will happen next, you won’t be prepared for where things go either.


Overall: Tension filled thriller.




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