9 Tom Cruise Movies, We Need a Sequel To

9 Tom Cruise Movies, We Need a Sequel To

Tom Cruise starring in the new Top Gun: Maverick is one of the longest gaps between original and sequels. Where Tom Cruise comes back just as strong as ever, being the hot shot pilot even after 30 years. In what is an enjoyable action movie. This leads to the question. What other Tom Cruise movies do you think we could have a sequel to, that we don’t already have one of? As we know Cruise has always go onto make breathtaking action movies, with his commitment to living on the edge.

Cage – Live Die Repeat and Repeat

Cage is the reluctantly hero in this story, where he must relive each day in the ongoing war against an alien invader. That always seems to know how to defeat humans in each battle. Cage has that advantage and leads the fight back. The movie is the most likely to happen of any on this list. Which is why this is one that we can look at as the one we could enjoy in the future.

Nick Morton – The Mummy

The Mummy (2017) might well go down as one of the most disappointing movies of Tom Cruise’s career. It also killed the Dark Universe idea the Warner Bros has spent decades planning for. Outside of the sloppy storytelling technique. We did get some amazing action sequences and with the twist of who Nick is in the final act. We were left waiting for the next moment. This would need to chop the budget down, but it could still have been saved with the right tone and character inclusion. Even if the Invisible Man has gone onto get his own movie, it could still be bought together in the end.

Jack – Oblivion

Oblivion is one of the most beautiful sci-fi movies, with a brilliant concept. That turns everything on its head by the end of the movie. It follows what turns out to be clones of Jack covering certain amounts of space on Earth for resources. Before they start questioning why they are here, learning of humans still on the planet fighting back against the aliens that have taken over the Earth.  The movie might well end with a happy ending of Jack back with his lover Julia starting a new life on Earth. We don’t know how much further this world could go and what is waiting in different zones or when the aliens return for more.

Les Grossman – Tropic Thunder

Les Grossman might well be the most outrageous performance of Tom Cruise’s career. Only in the supporting role as the loud producer wanting to know what is happening to his movie. We could easily see this supporting character return. With another one of his movie productions going horribly wrong with a new cast of actors, playing actors. As long as Tom is let loose to do everything he wants with this outrageous character, we know we are going to have an excellent time.

Vincent – Collateral

Vincent is one of the few villainous roles that Tom Cruise has taken over his career. One where his character doesn’t make it out of the movie alive. This being said, what we would get would be a prequel. We know how skilled Vincent it during the film, he is open about how he has done this before. With this being a chance to see Vincent on one of his other overnight missions. This will give us a chance to see how the night goes past without anything going wrong.

Chief John Anderton – Minority Report

Minority Report follows a city that operates under the idea of Pre-crime. Where Chief John Anderton is one of the pre-crime officers who must go on the run. After he is seen as one of the murderers in the future. Uncovering a bigger conspiracy behind the system. This would see the division re-opened. The government doing whatever they want to try and stop crimes. John returning to need to prove why it doesn’t work. Even if the new creation would see this as an improvement on the previous system. We could have plenty of potential to where things could go next.

Jerry Maguire – Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire follows a sports agent that needs to rebuild his career. Where he fights for his one loyal client and one member of staff that leaves with him. Falling in love along the way. As Jerry learns more about what it means to be a loyal agent. Rather than one that is just flashy with fake promises. We could see him trying to turn the heads of new clients in the modern era. Taking a younger agent under his wing along the way, with his reputation being what carries how far his career has gone since the events.

Lt Daniel Kaffee – A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men follows a Navy lawyer Lt Daniel Kaffee that must investigate the death of a behind a marine. Where two marines are standing trial for that case. Kaffee was expected to take plea agreements as to why he has the highest success rate, with this being his first courtroom appearance. He is never seen as the professional, but by the end of the film, he shows what he is all about. We could easily watch another movie involving Daniel Kaffee in a courtroom. Defending a military crime. As long as Aaron Sorkin returns with the script, we should be getting a quality film.

Cole Trickle – Days of Thunder

Cole Trickle is the young hot-shot stock-car driver that finds himself racing at the top level, where he will need to take on the veterans of the sport to prove his worth. What is it we say about Tom Cruise and needing speed, well this could play out in reverse with a sequel, with Cole being the veteran, needing to deal with younger drivers with different attitudes towards the elder in the sport, mixing with some that give him respect, while others just want him off the road. I also know this sounds a lot like ‘Cars’, we can be honest here, Tom Cruise isn’t going to say no to a movie where he gets to do anything at extreme speeds.

What Tom Cruise movies would you like to see a sequel to?

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