8 Things to Talk About After Watching Evil Dead Rise


8 Things to Talk About After Watching Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise has just hit the cinema and is receiving wonderful reviews. The box office is great, and the producers are already talking about the next chapter in the series. While I also really enjoyed the movie, seeing it return to the heights that Sam Raimi created was great.

Today I am going to look at a few things that stood out from this excellent addition to the franchise. Some are going to be for fun, others more serious. However, this is done with a bit of fun and isn’t in any way a ranking order of thoughts.


8 Things to Talk About After Watching Evil Dead Rise

1 – The Opening Sequence is for the Sequel

Evil Dead Rise starts in a traditional cabin in the woods as three friends Teresa, Caleb and Jessica are waiting for others to arrive. However, Jessica has become possessed by the deadites and attacks the other two. This does lead to an excellent title reveal as Jessica is raised from the lake and the title card appears in the distance.

Upon showing the title card, we go back one day earlier to the apartment building to meet the main cast. However, we don’t meet Jessica again until the very end after the events have finished. She gets attacked in a similar style as Ash in the closing sequences of The Evil Dead before she heads off to her weekend away.

This could easily be the opening for a sequel, as it is suggested others are due to arrive at the cabin. We already have the possession in play, so we don’t need to head into the ‘we found a book let’s read’ moment again. It is all set up nicely for a new set of victims, without needing to have any surviving characters return.

2 – Crossover Tease

As we get to meet the characters in the movie the eldest daughter Bridget gets invited to watch all the Freddy movies. This does two things for the franchise moving forward. First, it accepts that horror movies exist in this world, which is something we haven’t seen in this franchise. However, this does leave us questioning why Danny would go into a creepy basement safe and take an evil-looking book. Let alone why he would read from it.

The second is an exciting one, a potential crossover. We have previously seen Freddy vs Jason in movie form before. Elsewhere, we got to see a sequel comic book series, Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. While we might not get Ash, we could easily see a crossover for the legendary characters, facing off against a deadite slayer.

New Line Cinema did produce the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and Friday the 13th has been through plenty of legal arguments in recent years. This could hold off the three coming together, but if fans get excited the studios could one day work together.

3 – New Levels of Fear

When it comes to the Evil Dead movies, we generally get a slow build before attacks. It usually ends up with the victim hurting or killing themselves due to the possession. In Evil Dead Rise, we get to see something much different to that. The corridor sequence especially sees deadite Ellie taking out a host of people running and trying to escape. They don’t stand a chance, but we haven’t ever seen a possessed figure with this much power before. We are used to seeing the non-possessed overpowering the deadite attacking, here we don’t even with weapons that could.

The other side of this is bringing horror to a younger set of victims. Ellie’s children are two teenagers and a pre-teen. As well as adding in the unborn child of Beth. We are used to seeing dumb young adults being the victims in the movies but making school-aged teenagers in a different level of fear. One that jumps on the idea of not being able to protect their children. Add in the pre-teen Kassie, we are left desperate to make sure she survives. We also see the neighbour’s children brutally killed in the corridor through the peephole.

4 – Morphing Deadites

The Evil Dead franchise has been famous for body mutilation sequences. We have seen some horrific ideas put in play, including what seems tame now, but the pencil ankle scene that famously got the original banned. 2013 brought us a new level of effects to bring graphic injuries to life.

However, in Evil Dead Rise we get to see something different. We get some horrific moments, but things have been pulled back from the previous movie. This leads us to a scene we have never seen before. When Deadite Ellie brings the bodies of the other Deadites together to make a morphed nightmare creature chasing Beth and Kassie. This creates an excellent final showdown in the lift and parking basement with a creature you would never ever want to meet.

5 – The Overuse of Foreshadowing

One of the only real flaws in Evil Dead Rise is the overuse of foreshadowing. We have the drone conversation which happens instantly after. As we continue through the story, we get the lingering shot of the woodchipper, clearly showing its importance of it later in the movie. Kassie hides scissors under a chair, which come in handy when fighting Deadite Ellie.

While these moments are a big part of the movie, the set-up for them is too obvious. There are a few more involved which I haven’t mentioned but overall, it is the biggest flaw in the movie.

6 – Boomstick and Chainsaw Returns

Two of the most iconic weapons in the franchise are the shotgun and chainsaw. Ash named the shotgun his boomstick in Army of Darkness giving it a unique name for the franchise. 2013 made a major involvement of the chainsaw with one of the bloodiest sequences in any movie we have ever seen.

By the end of the movie, we get an excellent visual of Beth holding both weapons as she guides Kassie to safety. She has used them both to defeat deadites in different moments in the movie and now she is ready for more.

7 – The Police Report will be Fun

In the aftermath of Beth and Kassie escaping the Deadites, we see the blood-soaked characters leaving the apartment parking lot. However, if you think about it, a woman covered in blood carrying a chainsaw and shotgun isn’t going to get a smooth reception on the streets.

A sequel can see the police coming to investigate the aftermath of everything that has happened. This could see plenty of other things happening along the way, making this a lot of fun as the police start getting possessed.

8 – Sequels

Evil Dead Rise opens the doors for many movies to have spin-offs from it. As previously mentioned, a police investigation could open up a fun idea. The opening sequence also offers up sequel material.

Outside of those two ideas, we have plenty more. The quick obvious mention is the return of Mia or even Ash. Elsewhere, we can see and hear more about other books of the dead that have been locked away. This means we could easily have another location for the next movie, something even stranger than we previously saw. Unlike how the 2013 movie left us, this has so much potential for future movies for the fans to enjoy. There is even a chance we could follow a group of priests trying to understand what is happening. As I said, we have plenty of ideas that we could see things go toward.

That is 8 Things to Talk About After Watching Evil Dead Rise

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