7 Days (2016)

Director: Rolando Colla

Writer: Heloise Adam, Nicole Borgeat, Rolando Colla, Olivier Lorelle (Screenplay)

Starring: Bruno Todeschini, Alessia Barela, Marc Barbe, Linda Olsansky, Gianfelice Imparato, Aurora Quattrocchi


Plot: Ivan and Chiara meet on a beautiful Sicilian island to prepare for the wedding of Ivan’s brother and Chiara’s best friend. Despite the fact that Ivan is determined not to repeat the failure of his last relationship and Chiara does not want to jeopardise her marriage, the two fall in love with each other. They resolve to live their relationship for only a few days and then break it off when the wedding guests arrive on the island. However, they made such a plan, without taking love into account.


Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: An Affair to Forget


Story: 7 Days starts when Ivan (Todeschini) and Chiara (Barela) arrive on a Sicilian island to prepare for Richard (Barbe) and Francesca’s (Olsansky) wedding, this includes getting the hotel ready for guests and just making everything presentable for a ceremony.

The pair have seven days they must spend together, which will see them get involved in an affair, where they must both face a difficult decision about after.


Thoughts on 7 Days


Characters – Ivan has gone of this trip to help prepare his brother’s wedding, he doesn’t think the time limit is possible, but when he meets Chiara, he falls in love wanting to put a side his past relationship failings to be with her. Chiara is the best friend of the bride to be, she is also here to help prepare for the wedding, only she does have a partner back home, meaning that she is willingly cheating on him once the two fall in love, leaving her with the decision of whether to go back to him or not. Richard & Francesca are the couple that are getting married, trusting their friends and family to prepare their dream.

PerformancesBruno Todeschini in the leading role shows that he can show the struggle he is going through with the decisions in the film. Alessia Barela like wise show that her character will be put in a hard place with what is happening. The rest of the cast only have small roles which are not given a chance to make the most of their performance.

StoryThe story here follows two strangers that must work together to prepare a wedding, only for the to fall in love and spend the seven days together having an affair before being left to decide what to do next. This is one of those affairs based movies which isn’t the most interesting thing to watch as we get to see how the couple fall in love without a care in the world and both know the reality of how difficult life would be if they wanted to stay together. This doesn’t really do anything new to an affair based story which only ends going just like you would imagine.

SettingsThe film is set on a Silicon Island which does make a beautiful backdrop for the film. we do get to see how the island does feel lived in and does need improvement for a wedding.

Scene of the Movie –
The wedding.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Nothing we haven’t seen before.

Final ThoughtsThis is a basic affair movie without being anything we haven’t seen before, it gets the basic right without testing the audience enough.


Overall: Just another affair.




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