Greenlit gets Relaunched

Greenlit, the UK’s only crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting film projects, has relaunched with a new global online hub, (formerly

New projects include Moustache Man (Mark Gatiss, Mandeep Dhillon), Breanna Box’s true crime gangster documentary Turn Around, and a host of others, including the return of previous success story Getting Away With Murder(s).

At only 18 months old,‘s talent for getting filmmaker’s passion projects off the ground is clear, with 80% of clients realising their funding goals. Some brilliant films that were given a leg up by Greenlit include the SXSW and BIFA shortlisted hit Nike Air Jordan documentary, One Man and His Shoes (currently on BBC iPlayer), Parkinson’s disease comedy-drama Ecstasy, and ground-breaking sex-worker documentary Beyond The Red Light now looks ahead to Sean J. Young’s comedy short film, Moustache Man, starring Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen, Sherlock). The film follows a boy taking care of his grieving mother after the passing of his father. He thinks maybe the best way to make things better is to become his father, so he obviously grows a moustache!After smashing its initial targets in mere hours,the team is expanding their horizons with new fundraising goals. When speaking of Director Sean J. Young, Gatiss said, “He’s a fantastic talent, a very funny guy and a sweet, kind soul.” He says about the film, “It’s a terrific, funny and very moving script.” 

Dreams on Fire (2021) Movie Review

Dreams on Fire – Mesmerizing

Director: Philippe McKie

Writer: Philippe McKie (Screenplay)

Starring: Bambi Naka, Akaji Maro, Ikuyo Kuroda, Masahiro Takashima, Haruka Kurebayashi, Rinomaur, Okuda Saki,

Plot: A vibrant and intoxicating look into Japanese dance and subculture communities.

Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dreams on Fire starts as we meet Yume (Naka) a young lady that witnesses dancing and looks to go against her family’s wishes to want to pursue this career, running away from them to Tokyo. Yume left with little money takes any jobs she can find, with her free time going into learning dance at studios.

The long Yume spends in Tokyo the more she learns about the vast number of styles she could learn, opening up doors she never imagined, styles, music everything becomes fresh to the young lady, who is living the dream of any aspiring dancer.

Thoughts on Dreams on Fire

Characters & Performances – Yume is a young lady that becomes obsessed with becoming a dancer, a choice her family disapprove of. She runs away from home heading to Tokyo to chase her dream, where she gets to learn about the different dance techniques. She does start out shy, becoming more confident as the time spent there increases, meeting new people who will show her the way to enjoy everything. Yume is the character we would love to be, someone who dreams big and follows through with their journey. Bambi Naka is great in the leading role here, showing her own dancing abilities along with the fascinated expressions of learning.

StoryThe story here follows a young woman that dreams of being a dancer and to do so, she must run away from home to learn more about the art she is desperate to be part of, learning to find her place in the world along the way. This is a story that will give us a journey through the culture in one city, following Yume as she learns about different music, dance techniques and styles, seemingly from every different corner she turns. The idea that we can find so much culture so close together is brilliant, as it helps us understand just how important difference of opinions are, different tastes and experiences. It is a brilliant journey and one you can truly see the writer/director Philippe McKie has been through himself.

ThemesDreams on Fire brings nearly every genre of music to play here, each will offer a different style of dance, each one sees Yume become more engaged in what she is wanting to learn. The Tokyo backdrop does show us just how much is crammed into one city, offering something for everyone to enjoy along the way.

Dreams on Fire is a beautiful mesmerising journey through culture, music and dance.