2017 Award Best Scenes

2017 Award

Best Scenes

January is here and that means award season and for the whole of January I will be looking at a range of best and worst subjects, before going into what I think are the true best nominations.


Casino Stroke – Logan

No Man’s Land – Wonder Woman

Cesar’s Leads his family to Freedom – War for the Planet of the Apes 

Spitfire Over Dunkirk – Dunkirk

Slide Show – IT

Ski Lift – Kingsman the Golden Circle

Handcuff Escape – Gerald’s Game

Hulk vs. Thor – Thor Ragnarok

First Order vs The Rebels on Land – Star Wars The Last Jedi


No Man’s Land – Wonder Woman

Reason – Diana has never enter the world of man until she joins Steve Trevor on this mission during World War I, she must learn quick as she sees the suffering the innocent victims of war are going through, she decides enough is enough taking down the enemy by risking her own life to save the innocent from the horrors that will happen to them.


  1. Worthy winner! Wonderful scene, it gave me goosebumps, can’t imagine the feeling it would give young girls to see a female superhero do something incredible like that, rather than the standard male ones.

    My favourite from Dunkirk was the panoramic of all the civilians boats arriving at the beach- I was bursting with pride!

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