2: Hrs (2018)

Director: D James Netwon

Writer: Roland Moore (Screenplay)

Starring: Harry Jarvis, Ella-Rae Smith, Alhaji Fofana, Keith Allen, Siobhan Redmond, Marek Larwood


Plot: Slacker Schoolboy Tim is an expert in wasting time. So what happens when he discovers he has two hours left to live?


Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Family Film


Story: 2: Hrs starts as we meet teenage slacker Tim (Jarvis) who spends his time painting London with graffiti with his best friends Vic (Smith) and Alf (Fofana). While on the school trip to a museum, the three sneak off and interrupt a science conference being hosted by conman Groad (Allen) who has created a machine that can tell when the living object inside will die.

Tim goes in the machine only to learn that he only has 2 hours left to live, left shocked, Tim sets out a small bucket list of achievable targets and while the friends target these goals, they are being chased down by the people behind the experiment who want to research and make sure Tim dies on time.


Thoughts on 2: Hrs


Characters – Tim is a school slacker with a talent for graffiti, he has been acting out because of the death of his father, which has changed him, his friends see this and his rebellious ways puts his life in danger when he learns he only has 2 hours to leave from spending time in a machine which can perform a prediction of when someone will die. He must go through a life lesson as this film unfolds. Vic and Alf are the two supportive friends, that join him on the adventure, we don’t learn too much about them without giving away spoilers. Groad is the businessman/conman that is running the operation, he hides in his apartment with fake backdrops as he conducts meetings. He is always looking to create a good face story for any PR situation. We also have the younger sister Shona to Tim that wants to look up to him only to be left disappointed most of the time and the two bumbling idiots trying to catch the teenagers.

PerformancesHarry Jarvis in the leading role does a very good job, we see how his character must change over the course of the film ad he shows us this in his performance. Ella-Rae Smith and Alhaji Fofana are both good in their supporting roles while Keith Allen gives us a good performance as the shady character we see behind the curtain about.

StoryThe story follows three friends that decide to ditch a school trip and end up on there on adventure after being caught in the middle of an adventure when one of them learns they only have two hours to live. This does sound like a simple fun adventure family film, which it is, though it does have deeper meaning for Tim who must learn to life lessons in this time while dealing with his own personal tragedy after not doing so when it happened.

FamilyThis film keeps the films moments all around the family problems Tim is facing, it keeps everything PG even with jokes adults will understand.

SettingsThe film is set around London, which is good because it shows how difficult losing a parent can be in the busy city and how easy it is to rebel.

Scene of the Movie –
Poetry competition.

That Moment That Annoyed Me That pet, what was that?

Final ThoughtsThis is a family film that can be enjoyed by everyone, it has good laughs, a smart character development story and a nice adventure.


Overall: Family film for all to enjoy.




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