1888 (2023) Movie Review


1888 – Movie Review

Director: Sourabh Shukla


Plot: When Demonetisation is announced in India, 3 unlikely characters come face to face. A car journey starts and some more characters come into the picture. This results in a cat-and-mouse game with a very unexpected outcome.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: 1888 starts in a time when demonetization happens, Sandhya Shetty (Neethu) looks to dispose of her outdated money. However, her plan goes wrong when a mysterious man stops them from burning it. He gets interrupted by the timid hard worker Vikas (Kumar) who wants the money for himself.

This leads to the pair making an unlikely partnership to exchange the money. Along the way, they meet a stranger who is looking to get across the county and offers to convert the money. The unlikely three find themselves on an adventure to change their fortunes.

Verdict on 1888

1888 is a crime thriller following three people that comes together during a dramatic change in the country. It sees them trying to convert money that is now unusable. However, things take a twist as they find themselves in the middle of a bigger series of problems.

This is a thriller that keeps us guessing, as it seems to show one story unfolding, before taking a big twist on everything we have seen. We follow the story based on actual incidents that happened in 2016-2021 and explore the sudden impact demonetization has on a country. It shows how people would look to change things, while others find ways to take advantage of the situation.

By giving us a range of characters, we get plenty of time to explore different lives. We can understand what they need through the story and we can follow their journey.

Final Thoughts 1888 is a tense thriller with a real message.

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