ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – F – Finding Your Feet (2017) Movie Review

Director: Richard Loncraine

Writer: Meg Leonard, Nick Moorcroft (Screenplay)

Starring: Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall, Joanna Lumley, David Hayman, John Sessions

Plot: On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate.

Tagline – Everyone Deserves a Second Dance

Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Delightful

Story: Finding Your Feet starts when Sandra (Staunton) all ready to live a retirement life with her husband Mike (Sessions) she learns that Mike has been having an affair and she is left needing to turn to her sister Bif (Imrie) who has been living in a council estate for her life, where she has friends around the community including handy man Charlie (Spall) and widower Ted (Hayman).

As the four spend more time together Sandra learns she needs to be more open to people in life, treat people with more respect, learning about problems other people will be going through and start to have fun in her life for the first time in years.

Thoughts on Finding Your Feet

Characters – Sandra has spent her life planning for her golden years of retirement with her husband, only to have this shattered when she learns about her husband’s affair. She goes from a luxury home to needing to move in with her sister in a council estate, here she does look down on people, which she needs to learn to shake if she is to be accepted, she learns that there is more to life than plans, taking each day at a time can open up more doors. Bif is the sister of Sandra’s who has always been more laidback in life, never taking too much seriously, but remained friendly with people, knowing friendship has more value in life. Charlie is a handy man and friend that is always around for Bif, he has given up the last few years of his life, while his wife suffered in a nursing home, who doesn’t remembering him, this causing him immense amount of pain in his life, where the friendship is most important. Ted is a widower that despite trying to become stronger will have the moments which will show the pain he has been through.

PerformancesImelda Staunton is fantastic in the leading role of this film, she brings to life the stuck up side of the character along with the vulnerable side of her. Celia Imrie is the ray of sunshine in the film showing all the positive required in the film, with Timothy Spall being a joy to watch as the man who has already given up everything in his life.

StoryThe story here follows a woman who is about to retire with her husband only to learn that he has been cheating on her for years and needs to rediscover her life before it is too late, through her sister that has always lived a freestyle way of life. This is a story to show us that we are never too old to start enjoying our lives, no matter how much that has gone wrong, it is about treating people with respect, staying in contact with family and friends and enjoying your life to the best. We have well developed characters that are here to support each other, having their own problems and pain in life.

Comedy/RomanceThe comedy in the film comes from how Bif sees the world, pushes her sister and the friendship she has in life, with the romance showing us just how you could find love in any stage of your life.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show us the different locations that Sandra lives, showing her well off upper class retirement home to the council estate where she must learn to live with.

Scene of the Movie – Rome performance.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – When does it ever snow in London at Christmas.

Final Thoughts This is a charming enjoyable comedy that shows that you are never too old to start living the best most enjoyable life you can.

Overall: Charming.

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – E – Eat Locals (2017) Movie Review

Director: Jason Flemyng

Writer: Danny King (Screenplay)

Starring: Charlie Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Tony Curran, Vincent Regan, Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles

Plot: Facing difficult times and with their glory days long gone, the eight undisputed British vampire overlords gather up for their semi-centennial meeting. However, before the break of dawn, there will be blood. And corpses. Lots of them.

Tagline – Feeding Starts 25 May.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Enjoyable

Story: Eat Locals starts as eight vampires including Henry (Cox), Peter (Curran), Angel (Agyeman) and Alice (Crosbie) are having their meeting to focus on the next 50-years, with quotas being broken, rations wanting to be increased and a new member to be decided, with Sebastian (Cook) being the selection, though not the one that is picked by them all.

The vampires discover they have been hunted down by the military, who have them cornered, waiting to finally end the terror they have created through the British Isles.

Thoughts on Eat Locals

Characters – Sebastian is a young man that has travelled to the small village for a booty call, he doesn’t know he has been selected to become one of the vampires if they group agree on him, which they don’t, he must use his street smarts to try and stay alive, discovering more secrets in the farmhouse he is trapped in. Henry is one of the vampires that is the calmest about how the group operate, he eats the least and will play the rules well, challenge others who break them or want more. Peter is the member of the vampires that wants more, he will ask for it in the right way, but he doesn’t want a new member and is always looking to gain more power. We have all the typical military figures, who know what they are doing when it comes to hunting vampires down, as well as the different vampires trying to keep their cover.

PerformancesBilly Cook does get the most laughs, with his typical streetwise performance, that shows confidence in every word he says. Charlie Cox is entertaining as the leader of the group, with Tony Curran being good as the conflicted character against anything being said. We do have a cast that gets plenty of laughs throughout the film.

StoryThe story here follows a group of vampires having their meeting, they want to discuss a few things, only to discover they are being hunted by the military that have them cornered ready to make pay for the lives they have been taking. This does give a nice spin to the vampire genre, we have always seen the established group before with no issues about how they go around their business, but having a military operation hunting them down is different than the typical rogue vampire hunters. Having the film set over one night helps because we do know that daylight will be the end for the vampire side of things.

Action/Comedy/HorrorThe action comes from the fights between the two sides, it is mostly bullets flying and both sides trying to get the upper hand, with the comedy coming from different reactions, mostly Sebastian to everything he discovers through the night, while the horror isn’t scary, but does include the threats vampires could give humans.

SettingsThe film has a small village as its setting, this keeps the action feeling contained, with both sides waiting for the other to make a move.

Scene of the Movie – The fridge.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – It doesn’t have the highest bloodshed level which it could easily have had.

Final Thoughts This is a fun vampire movie to watch, it will get laughs, has plenty of action and can be enjoyed by the fans of the genre.

Overall: Fun Vampire Movie.

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – D – Double Date (2017) Movie Review

Director: Benjamin Barfoot

Writer: Danny Morgan (Screenplay)

Starring: Danny Morgan, Georgia Groome, Michael Scoha, Kelly Wenham, Dougie Poynter, Tom Sturrdge

Plot: A man can’t speak to ladies. His friend makes things happen but with 2 man-killing sisters looking for a virgin man to sacrifice to bring daddy back from the dead.

Tagline – Paint the Town Red

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Fun Little Horror

Story: Double Date starts as we meet Jim (Morgan) a young man about to hit 30 that has never had any luck when it comes to dating who is always getting encouraged by his best friend and lady’s man Alex (Socha) to meet women. The two meet Lulu (Groome) and Kitty (Wenham) at a bar and they have a double date set up.

When the four are on the night out, Lulu starts to question the plan her and Kitty have, which sees the two women usually take the men back to their home for a form of sacrifice of a virgin man, in an attempt to bring their father back to life.

Thoughts on Double Date

Characters – Jim is the virgin that just can’t chat to women, even with his best friend by his side, he always ends up alone, though he is a genuine nice guy from a quirky family, this time he gets pushed into putting himself out there and gets a date with Lulu. Alex is the womanising friend that talks a lot about meeting different women and pushes Jim into being more like him. Lulu is the younger sister of Kitty who starts to get to know Jim and doesn’t want to go through with the plan. Kitty has been planning the sacrifice for a while, trained to defend herself and always pushing Lulu into anything they do, including bringing their father back from the dead.

PerformancesWe have a nice group of main performers, Danny Morgan as the unlucky in love guy works well with Michael Socha as a cocky figure, this reflects through Georgia Groome being the more resistant, while Kelly Wenham showing the determination figure behind the plan.

StoryThe story here follows two women that search for a virgin to sacrifice to bring their father back to life, as the two guys they meet have different agendas when it comes to meeting women. This does have plenty of moments that we have seen before but it works, with the women needing to find a certain person to sacrifice for their own reason and how they need to get them from A to B. the men fill the friendship factor well enough, showing the support people would have in their lives and mixing the two together we get to see everything tie together nicely.

Comedy/HorrorThe comedy in the film comes from how everybody interacts, with some moments filling the laughs we need. The horror comes from the plan the women have, as we are left to see if they will go through with their actions.

SettingsThe film uses the everyday settings, be it the flats, the bar or the secluded locations for the women’s plan.

Special EffectsThe film does use the effects well with the fight between Kitty and Alex not holding anything back.

Scene of the Movie – Alex and Kitty fight, it is brutal and nobody is holding back during it.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Not sure why the plan hasn’t worked before.

Final Thoughts This is a fun horror comedy that will get the laughs, has a brutal fight sequence and will leave you enjoying the film from start to finish.

Overall: Enjoyable Horror Comedy.

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – B – The Bachelors (2017) Movie Review

Director: Kurt Voelker

Writer: Kurt Voelker (Screenplay)

Starring: J.K. Simmons, Julie Delpy, Josh Wiggins, Odeya Rush, Harold Perrineau, Jean Louisa Kelly

Plot: After the early death of his wife, a mourning father moves with his teenage son across the country for a private school teaching job. Their lives begin to transform due to two unique women, who help them embrace life and love again.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Hard Hitting

Story: The Bachelors starts when Bill Palet (Simmons) moves his teenage son Wes (Wiggins) across country to start over after the death of his wife, he is in grieving and Wes is left to attend the same school Bill has a new teaching role, an high society private school.

Wes is asked to help one of the visitor students Lacy (Rush) by French teacher Carine (Delpy) who also starts to help Bill put his life back on track, the two women give the guys something they thought they had lost in life.

Thoughts on The Bachelors

Characters – Bill Palet is a grieving widow that is looking to restart his life, he is struggling everyday and tires his best to stay strong for his son, he takes a new job across the country and here he starts to look to restart his life, only the fear of moving on is tearing him up despite meeting somebody who starts to make him happy. Wes is Bill’s son, he is forced to start the private school, he finds himself in the chain like any high school set of students, making friends and becoming a tutor for one of the girls in his French class, he is also dealing with his own grieving process, which sees him doing more to try and stand out. Carine is the French teacher that first suggests Wes to work with Lacy and secondly becomes close to Bill, becoming somebody new in his life. Lacy is the student that is studying French, she is struggle and given Wes to try and help her, she is stuck in a household with an impending divorce, which sees her reacting, building a false reputation around the school.

PerformancesJ.K. Simmons in brilliant in the leading role of the film, he does show us just how distant somebody grieving can become. Josh Wiggins shines in the scenes with the biggest emotional impact. Julie Delpy and Odeya Rush fill the supporting roles very well too through the film too.

StoryThe story here follows a father and son that move across country to try and put their lives back on track after the death of their wife and mother, they will need to deal with their own grieving process in a way that would push their own relationship to the limits, finding something new from other people in life. This story does address the pain losing somebody would have on a family, how learning to get over the grief isn’t going to be easy but finding the right people can help put you on the right path once again. This does show us just how dark the places can get and how much light can still be found in life no matter how much pain you could be going through.

ComedyThe comedy in the film is on the lighter side, we do focus more on the serious side of the grieving process, with the comedy breaking up those moments at times.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show us how the change is used to try and help the two move on life.

Scene of the Movie – Cross country race.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The supporting high school students are generic.

Final Thoughts This is a drama that hits hard when it comes to dealing with the grief and how getting over it will take time no matter how hard things can be, with wonderful performances.

Overall: True Drama on Grief.

ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – # – 2.22 (2017) Movie Review

Director: Paul Currie

Writer: Todd Stein, Nathan Parker (Screenplay)

Starring: Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer, Sam Reid, John Waters, Kerry Armstrong, Richard Davies

Plot: A man’s life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m.

Tagline – To save their future, he must fight his fate.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Powerful Sci-Fi

Story: 2:22 starts as we meet the air traffic control team with Dylan (Huisman) who has just celebrated his 30th birthday, he can keep the planes in perfect timing until one day he freezes escaping with a close call. Dylan finds himself suspended and taking a chance on ballet tickets, which leads him to meet Sarah (Palmer).

Dylan and Sarah strike up a romance only Dylan is noticing a series of events happening in his life, with the time being the same every day, with an incident happening, as he goes in search of answers about these events.

Thoughts on 2:22

Characters – Dylan is an air traffic controller that has a genius about how he can judge the landings, he could be a pilot, he is trained, only he prefers his skills on the ground, until he makes a mistake, even though this mistakes leads him to Sarah, he starts to become paranoid about what is happening in his life, believing there is a pattern happening to him. Sarah works in the gallery, she meets Dylan by chance with the two falling in love, only her work is playing into the visions that Dylan is having. Jonas is the person that Sarah works for, he is considered one of the great artists in the land, his creation is what drives Dylan obsession for the truth.

PerformancesMichiel Huisman is great in the leading role, he plays the genius who might be paranoid with ease, while having the charming side for moments required. Teresa Palmer is great too as the love interest, while the rest of the cast do struggle to make the true impact on the story.

StoryThe story here follows one man that sees his life unravel after he starts noticing a pattern in his life and he goes in search for the truth before it is too late, which will see love play a major part in what he is fighting for. In this story we do get to see the concepts behind love being meant to be showing us how no matter what the plan is, you will find each other, you will also need to believe in the impossible which at times will only make you question the person you love the most. The story does play out over the idea something big is going to happen, only it doesn’t seem to imply just how long everything is running.

Mystery/Sci-FiThe mystery in this film comes from seeing just how Dylan is seeing thing repeating over and over, with him trying to put the pieces together, he does turn to the unknown of sci-fi for answers.

SettingsThe film uses the New York setting well showing first how hectic the airport would be and then just how you could meet people in such a busy city.

Scene of the Movie – Changing the pattern.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The timeline, how long have the two been together?

Final Thoughts This is a very entertaining sci-fi mystery that does keep us on edge and wants to play into everlasting love.

Overall: Strong Mystery Sci-Fi.