Michael Fassbender Weekend – The Counsellor (2013)

counselorDirector: Ridley Scott

Writer: Cormac McCarthy (Screenplay)

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Bruno Ganz, Rosie Perez, Ruben Blades, Brad Pitt, Goran Visnjic, Edgar Ramirez, Dean Norris, Sam Spruell


Plot: A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Wow this was Boring


Story: The Counsellor starts with one of the most awkward scenes I have seen in film as the Counsellor (Fassbender) is in bed with Laura (Cruz) talking uncomfortable dirty. The Counsellor is working on a one of drug deal with Reiner (Bardem) and Westray (Pitt) as he learns all the tricks of the trade to make this deal happen.

The Counsellor finds himself in the middle of a much bigger picture which involved a drug lord, law authority agencies with undercover agent which will put his life and his fiancée’s wife in danger.

The Counsellor is a crime thriller that is so empty of actual story you are left wondering what you just watched. We never learn any of the character’s motive to be involved in the deal or what they are actually doing. I really can’t explain just how boring this film really was to watch with nothing happening at all.


Actor Review


Michael Fassbender: Counsellor is a lawyer who is trying to get involved in a drug, he finds himself having a connection with each side of the dealing and when the drugs go missing he finds himself the prime suspect. Michael is solid and really struggles to make an impact in this film.fassbender

Penelope Cruz: Laura is the love interest of the Counsellor she isn’t involved with the drug deal but finds herself being seduced into a darker side by Malkina and in danger thanks to the drugs going missing. Penelope is ok with the few scenes she has in the film but you will almost forget what happened to her.

Cameron Diaz: Malkina is the girlfriend of Reiner, she comes off seductive in every way be it controlling her drug lord boyfriend or teaching Laura the bad ways. Cameron does well but doesn’t do enough to make is either like or dislike her.

Javier Bardem: Reiner is the drug lord that the Counsellor wants to go and make a deal happen with, he uses his experience to show him just what he can do if he gets screwed over. Javier is good in this role where he gets to be his eccentric self.

Support Cast: The Counsellor has a supporting cast that doesn’t do enough to make us know what their character is doing.

Director Review: Ridley ScottRidley is a director we would expect greatness from but what is this?


Crime: The Counsellor has a crime story I just didn’t really know what it was.

Thriller: The Counsellor doesn’t pull us in to this story at all.

Settings: The Counsellor tries to use pretty settings but nothing that makes us know what is going on.
Special Effects
: The Counsellor has solid effects with the kills only.

Suggestion: The Counsellor is one to stay well away from. (Avoid)


Best Part: Don’t make me laugh.

Worst Part: Everything.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $17 Million

Budget: $25 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes

Tagline: Sin Is A Choice


Overall: Dreadfully boring film that goes nowhere.


Could a Daredevil Movie Soon Be in the Works?

Could a Daredevil Movie Soon Be in the Works?


With the superhero resurgence over the last several years, it isn’t just familiar characters like Iron Man and the Hulk who have capitalized. Other folks who are not as well known to diehard comic fans are also making their mark on pop culture. Just look at the enormous popularity of the Deadpool movie, starring a character that most ticket buyers probably hadn’t even heard of a year or so ago. Another example of this is Daredevil, a fairly well-known superhero, but one that only now seems to be getting his due.


Daredevil got on most people’s radar with the 2003 Ben Affleck movie. However, because the film was a train wreck, he was soon forgotten (Daredevil, not Affleck, though the latter probably would’ve been better depending on your feelings of the actor/director). Fast-forward 12 years, and Daredevil has made a nice comeback. Season two of the popular Netflix original series recently began, and The Man Without Fear is suddenly hot. However, a TV show may only be the beginning, as there are rumblings around Hollywood that a movie (or, more likely, several movies) could be in the works.


Exhibit A is Daredevil actor Charlie Cox, who seems very anxious for his character to get back to the movies. “I’d love to see Daredevil on the big screen again,” Cox said in this interview “It would be great. And if I could be involved with that, I’d be thrilled.”


Stan Lee, another person who knows a thing or two about comic book culture, thinks a movie is only a matter of time. When asked which Marvel character he would like to see in a movie, Lee mentioned Daredevil, but first lamented his last big-screen adaptation. “Daredevil didn’t do as well as everybody hoped. I think that, unfortunately, they didn’t portray him the right way.”


But Lee is predicting that a new film eventually will be made. “Sooner or later there will be another Daredevil movie,” he added. “And I think it will do very well.”


But until that day, fans can entertain themselves with the TV show, as well as other avenues, like video games. Thanks to his rise in popularity, Daredevil is now featured in several games, including Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight. If you like your video game characters a little more geometric, he can also be found in LEGO Marvel Super-Heroes. There’s even a Daredevil slots game, which features an assortment of the weapons he uses, along with a Bullseye feature that gives players an extra chance to win jackpots. You can learn more about it on this page.


Once the Daredevil movie is officially announced, the only issue remaining is who will play him. Sure, Charlie Cox is the obvious choice, but there’s another interesting candidate out there, and one with very close ties to Ben Affleck: Matt Damon. Would he be willing to reprise the role made famous (or, more accurately, infamous) by his buddy?


The answer depends on who’s directing. Damon said he’d love to star in a film, as long as it was directed by Christopher Nolan. “If Chris Nolan came up to me and said, ‘I want to do Daredevil,’ I would be in,” Damon said.


In that same interview, Damon revealed that he was actually offered the role in the original movie and turned it down. But if Nolan comes knocking, we may get to see him as Daredevil after all. We’d also get to see a far better cinematic take on the character.