What Josiah Saw (2021) Movie Review

What Josiah Saw – Movie Review ‘Unsettling & Disturbing

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Director: Vincent Grashaw

Writer: Robert Alan Dilts (Screenplay)


Plot: A family with buried secrets reunite at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for their past sins.

Runtime: 2 Hours

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: What Josiah Saw starts as estranged town member Josiah (Patrick) believes he is starting to see his dead wife haunting his land. He turns to his son Thomas (Haze) to get a visit too, making a change in how the pair live. Meanwhile, his other son Eli (Stahl) is trying to put his life back together after being released from prison. He finds himself in debt to Boone (Weber) who wants him to steal gipsy gold.

Elsewhere, Mary (Garner) is facing her own battle with potentially having a child. Something she isn’t sure whether she is prepared for. Mary gets a visit from Eli who suggests they return home to Josiah to sell the family home to give them all a future. Though the house still has a secret that Josiah isn’t willing to give up.

Verdict on What Josiah Saw


Josiah is the father of the family, he saw his wife die, but still sees her around the farm. He has control over his youngest son Thomas, the only one that remained in the home. His parenting has created nightmares all his children deal with.

Eli is the eldest son, he has spent time in prison, and he is hated whenever people learn what he did. He spends his life trying to make up for mistakes and put his life back on track. The chance to cash in on the family home is too much to turn down, as he looks to bring the family back together.

Thomas is the son that remains on the farm, he follows orders from his father. He has his own problems with his ex-wife, which has always got him in trouble.

Mary is the third sibling, she is married and planning to have her first child. Her past is causing problems with this happening and she is reluctant to return to the family home. The only draw is the money that could help her family.


Robert Patrick is genuinely creepy in the leading role. It gives us chills when he controls his son. When it comes to the three adult children actors, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze and Kelli Garner. They all have time to shine, as they will get to be introduced in their own stories.


The story follows three family members whose lives have taken very different turns. That will come together during a difficult time to make a decision about their childhood home. This will reveal a shadow that has remained over them for years, a disturbing one that has seen why they are broken.

The story does give us a creepy feeling, throwing us into a world where characters have dark backstories. The problem comes from the chapters which spend a little bit too long with each character to introduce them to us. Evidently seen in the Eli introduction, which feels like it takes up a good long chunk of the movie.

When it comes to the final act, the story is ready to give us the shock value. Being the best part of the story, only for it to feel more rushed than it should be.


What Josiah Saw is a creepy horror thriller, that is filled with uneasy moments from the lives of Josiah’s children. It has strong themes of abuse and the side effects that have broken the adult versions of the characters. The locations prove that the children have moved far and wide to escape their pasts, needing this to start off fresh.

Where to Watch: What Josiah Saw is going to be added to Shudder on the 5th of August.

Final ThoughtsWhat Josiah Saw is an uneasy, disturbing movie, one that will leave you shocked.

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