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What is Who Framed Roger Rabbit Really About?


Who Framed Roger Rabbit will get the spoiler heavy review now.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, shouldn’t that end in a question Mark!

Are Tom & Jerry on vacation or is Bug Bunny out of hunting seasons?

A Grown man is scared of cartoons, really? O wait that makes sense now one killed his brother.

Eddie rides the back of a cable car with kids who are dirty showing them to be potential orphans in the big city.

The sexiest cartoon entrance in movie history?

Cartoon playing patty cake means they are cheating, well ok sure whatever.

Wait this is a PG and the villain just melted an innocent character slowly in acid, this could easily be worse than any horror film and traumatize any kid.

Baby Herman reminds me of Stewie Griffin.

A murder to cover up a property development plan.

Cartoon car chase.

Facing the past cliché to save the day.

Villain gives away plan before it is completed.

Bob Hoskins shows off his musical skills, well kind off.

Villain turns out to be cartoon and the one that killed Eddie’s brother.

There is a lot of melting in this film ending with the villain melting.

Eddie the reluctant hero saves the day.

Happy Ending thanks all folks.

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